How is your weather?


Well, I understand what you mean but it’s my perception that several advice givers on this site still don’t understand that this is our winter.


Ten inches of new snow here today.


THanks so much for that outstanding post. What I loved about it is that you explained things on a very basic level and didn’t assume I knew much of anything…which I absolutely do not. I’m the least mechanically inclined person here, but I understood everything you just told me and will follow it closely.

BTW…the reason it took me so long to respond is that I’ve been dealing with another major freeze problem…the water in my house froze and cracked several water lines, which in turn flooded my basement with 4 feet of water! Oh boy…that probably doesn’t bode well for my tractor’s chances but hopefully it won’t be as bad as I thought.

Ah…the joys of a harsh winter! Thanks again for your help.


Back in early 1990’s I nievely asked a reputable guy what I needed to grow a certain raspberry cultivar at my home. He responded: 10" of snow a few times in the winter. :slightly_smiling_face:


Feb is spring in S. CA by my definition. That is when things most spring to life and new buds start to grow on most species of fruit trees- time to plant fruit trees and cool weather veggies. Of course, the month of June is Malibu winter, even if it follows spring and isn’t really based on what plants are doing but on what beach goers are wearing. Further inland the fog has much less influence.



I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope you basement wasn’t finished. But even if it wasn’t, moving all the stuff out of the basement and getting rid of all the water is a big big deal. Wishing you success in this difficult situation.


It depends greatly on location. There are 11,000 ft mountains buried in snow, cities at 4,000 - 5,000 ft elevation in zone 7, a few more cities in zone 8, large metropolitan areas in zone 9, and coastal areas in zone 10. The latter two usually meet your definition.


Got about an inch or so over night. All the slop froze solid. I think it’ll all be melted by weekend.

Cold comes down from Alaska early Feb? China in a deep freeze (brrrrr!)…as is the Koreas/Japan… Russia warms…Europe is mild’ish… California no winter? Looking that way


According to, we’ve (here in NTX) gotten about as much chill so far this season as we got for the entirety of last season. So that’s nice, at least.


:disappointed: I’ve Had enough cold weather and it’s only, January. So sorry about your pipes. Ugh!


I was raised at the base of Topanga Canyon maybe 10 miles from the ocean. It gets down to freezing there most winters, but we went by the Sunset Magazine zones and I can’t remember what that was. Treeland started selling their BR fruit tress in Feb. They’d be pushing bud and root.


Oh man that sucks!!! Remember to insulate those spaces to the cold side before you shut them in again!


This is pretty much our weather for today:




Thanks for the concern. Actually it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. My basement is unfinished and is only under 1/2 my house and has flooded a few times from rain, so I had nothing valuable down there, though all the shelving and so on was floating by the time I found the problem. oh well. I’ll pump it out and life goes on. I’m more worried about fixing the pipes but I can’t get to them yet…just started pumping yesterday and it’s still not dry!


Kevin, your home owners insurance should cover burst house pipes and flooding.


Ice glaze all over the roads today, 100s of wrecks


One of the reasons to have an auto-body shop in Illinois instead of San Diego county. I’m hoping nobody was seriously injured.


Some off and on light sleet and snow today, but it was warm enough to not stick.

Supposed to be close to 60 this weekend. Yay…


Yuck…hate the ice.

The good news is some serious cold is building to the north of us come early/first week of Feb…ready to invade the lower 48.

Southwest US stays warm. What a winter to be out there. I was watching a car video review that was done in Hollywood this month…the weather look fantastic…palm trees, everything green…ugh. Its just a shade of road salt grey around here.