How is your weather?


Warmer today,40 , Wow


Well, the upper lower, at least

Cool enough not to worry about early spring buds


Perfect, can I steal that?:grin:


Massive downpour three days ago turned my grey car back to white! Hate road salt. 27 degrees today! :disappointed_relieved:


Well, after today looks like you can just about stick a fork in it, for the 17/18 “winter”
If this is it for rain this year, we are in deep $h7t here in CA.


Hoping for a miracle March. Meanwhile I’m back to watering some of my planters and trees twice a week.


Come on up. We lost most of our snow yesterday…49F and windy…today it is sunny so we’ll probably ding what is left (mostly ice). I had the windows down in the car yesterday. Washed the car for the 3rd time.


The Naefs shows southwest heat dome in the extended. You might be talking record warmth as we head into early/mid Feb.


Yep. Looking downright springlike. I normally apply my first round of fertilizer mid-feb, but I may have to move that up.

Edit: After seeing mid 70’s in the forecast, and the 10 day looking great, decided to put the frost cloth away from the bananas from the winter.:sunglasses:


Went to the garden center yest, they were just starting to set up the year’s fertilizer stacks


Today I’m at Dana Point Wharf :slight_smile:
Predicted high: 67°F
Actual at 11am: 79°F
Glad I dressed in layers!


Not as warm as you @Richard, but we are up to the high 60s today according to my closest weather station. We’ve been warming up to the 60s and higher for a few days now. Keeping an eye on the fig buds. They’re swelling a bit. Waaaaay too early for that.


Right now, Jan 28, it’s sunny and 60°F at my house (western Orygun) and the weather persons indicate similar conditions for at least a week, and some things appear to have swelling buds. Yikes! I hope we have a real Winter for a while yet. Otherwise, one hard freeze later on could really hurt. No news to anyone here but, dang.


This year


60 here today as well in willamette valley and my Japanese plums are starting to open and my earlyblue berries as well. Got a hunch no Japanese plums this year.


California heat wave looks like it has some staying power


For sure. Even looking at the models up to mid feb, the heat holds hence, I’ve removed my frost blankets, and I’m putting the potted Mango tree back outside tomorrow.


Careful. It will probably be ok.


Oh, I always have a close eye on my forecast, and even buffer 5 degrees of safety before it gets too comfy for the rest of the year just yet :thinking:

Here’s a pretty interesting page from USGS graphically showing the arrival of spring in the South west is over 2-3 weeks early, based on leaf-out.


Really mild here.Even heading into mid February looks very mild. I am worried this has the makings of an early bloom followed by a hard freeze.


Oh, the oceans will boil away!