How is your weather?


Pretty normal for this time of year here. The rain will be great for the new growth . I think I’ll fertilize this weekend and spray in two more weekends. Looking to a productive year. All my new trees look good and are ready to have a great year IMO…


Just shoveled 2-3" of sticky, slushy snow off of 150 ft of driveway. Not a big job, but stole almost 2 hours of my work day pruning. At least I could use a pusher instead of a shovel- much easier on my back.

We keep getting light snow at least once a week- can’t even get the salt off my truck. Not worth the price of a wash as it will always be shortly salted again. Hopefully we get a rain soon and I can wash it off that way.


-3F this morning…impressive considering we have almost no snowcover anymore. Looks like a few light inches tomorrow with a clipper system…cold sunday…next week looks up and down, but chilly for sure.

Just looking at the models, trends, etc…i’m wondering if this is it for cold…say -10F or colder for the season. -14F is the coldest temp so far locally…i’m highly doubting we top that…As we get into late Feb/early March the longer days/etc make cold here harder to come by (but not unheard of)…something to watch.


8 degrees at my house this morning, I bet that will be the last single digit for the year.


I thought that last month, but it looks like another week to come


It was teens most places here , I am at a lower elevation though and on clear still nights the air really settles


Now they’re saying 0 for Weds

But it’s just one nite


Burrr, I’m ready for spring


77F here yesterday. And >70F for the foreseeable future.
In fact, my orange bird of paradise flowered today!


supposed to get down to -15f tonight. with windshield factor going to feel like -30f!


21 degrees today, and I have a Super Bowl question. . . Why Minneapolis one of the coldest places on earth, and indoors on (fake grass?). Ugh. Too cold in Miami? Or not enough room?


Whenever an NFL team built a new stadium, NFL often awards that city with a Super Bowl, no matter how ridiculous the place could be. The Vikings just built a new stadium.

A couple of years ago, the Giants/Jets had a SB with their new stadium. The game ended only a few hours before a snow storm blew into town. It’s business.


I think it has to be a covered stadium in the upper latitudes


not too many would attend if they were playing in the open at -20f! :wink:


They wouldn’t have this problem if they ended the season before December




Very comfortable here today , 50 degrees calm

and a beautiful sunset


-14 tonight with windchill around -30. Tomorrow a high of -2 with -31 windchill. Hope the out of towners in the Twin Cities wear their warm clothes on the way to the Super Bowl (it won’t be as cold there as here, but still cold)


Setting records over here!


We got about an inch of snow this morning, but it changed over to rain for a while before moving out. But, it’s 35 and melting, so kinda messy. We might get some more snow this evening, and colder, so all that mess will freeze tonight.