How is your weather?


About 3+ inches of snow here…seems like a lot after a winter of nothing. Very cold this afternoon…high around 6F. Interesting though, even with such cold temps…snow is melting off the roof with the full sunshine. My kitchen plants are loving this. Fig is growing like nuts in this late ish winter wonderland.

Looks like warmer temps start to creep back in by mid/late Feb…hopefully nothing too warm.


Driving around the southland today I noticed the snow line is at around 10,000 ft on south facing slopes and 7,000 ft on northern facing slopes.


Light snow last night and the temp right now is 14 degrees and down to around 7 degrees this evening.



And an inch here with a weak cold front


Snowing here and 20 degrees , getting ready to eat nachos and watch the game.


Just hit 67 a bit ago while I was out relocating pomegranates and preparing blackberry beds. It’s supposed to hit 29 tonight…

Winter in my area is a bit funky.


light snow here and 29 deg. come tues. back to single digits.


41F and rain!


Snow again, Just like the persimmon seed said.


76F and hot sun. What a crazy winter!


February 3rd.


Got a quick inch over the last couple hours. Temp is hovering around freezing but dropping to about 20, so that’ll cause the thawed roads to refreeze with the snow on top. Doubt they have school in the morning, they already cancelled Friday. That makes about 8 days of no school over the last month.


This could be an exact replica of our temps on the 3rd as well lol


“It looks like it’s going to persist at least another week or more. There are indications it could last even longer than that.”


Got below 0 again after all


I believe 7 official records were broke yesterday. My mexican lime is starting to push tons of fruit buds. Hopefully mother nature doesn’t have anymore late season “cold” snaps. For us up here.



I’m glad I live north of there, we got a few inches of snow but it wasn’t too slick.


Here in western Orygun/Oregon it has been and will be (at least this week) in the '50’s, sometimes 60, and sometimes sunny, which is usually the weather we get in early March. This time of year we normally get some flooding and possible snow/ice storms. A late freeze is the obvious concern, but I’m wondering about cutting scions now. Normally the end of Feb is good for that but I have a few scion deals with folks in the Midwest and East some of whom are still in the ‘polar vortex’ and my little trees look like they’re starting to push buds. Should I cut and send (or refrigerate) now?
(I don’t know if this topic has been covered lately in this thread/post. 1339 and counting…so, too much… TL; DR)



I faced similar dilemma when living in Alderpoint, CA. I’d cut and refrigerate.