How is your weather?


Weather report said low of 28F. We ended up hitting 20F earlier this morning. I guess I’ll learn over the next few days how well Meiwa kumquats handle such low temperatures with a bit of heat coming from the south side of the house and no other protection.


And the records continue to fall.
And look, even SF hit 77F!!!


My daughter told me that all the deciduous fruit and nut trees are waking up in the Davis area.


How are your trees coming along.


I’m still pruning my deciduous fruits. The prunus all have bud swell, but the Nectaplum and Desert Dawn nectarine are opening flowers daily. In fact the latter opened a few blossoms in December and now has a half-dozen fruit sets. My low-chill apples dropped few if any leaves and are currently sporting a crop plus new blossoms. The Hood Pear is mostly dormant although it didn’t drop all its leaves. The jujube, grapes, and pomegranate are still dormant. I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter quickly alters course.

My evergreens hardly slowed down and are back full steam now. Last year’s tomato is still fruiting and the bananas are putting up new leaves. Curiously the french taragon went dormant on schedule :slightly_smiling_face:.


Calling for possibly a half inch of freezing rain tonight! Yikes, hope they’re wrong, so many trees over power lines in these hills, it could be a nightmare. Here’s hoping for just a heavy cold rain.


It iced a little here , most of it is south east of me. Supposed to snow a little tonight, ism about ready for a February thaw.


Pictures of the flowers please.



Fruit is looking less and less likely this year…




2 to 4 inches of snow again today and some on Saturday.



Maybe 6 inches of snow here - half what they were fearmongering about


I had a couple of fluffy inches…cold but sunny now.

Looks like Chicago gets hit with plenty.

GFS is just a roller coaster in the temps dept for around here the next 10 or so days… up above freezing, then down to near 0F…then back to the 40Fs and back to single digits…overall doesn’t look awful. Nothing record breaking on the up or downside…so that is good.


I think we are moving towards spring. Forecast shows 40’s from tomorrow on. 1-2” of rain over the weekend.


teens here. mid 20’s the next couple days. another 3-4in tomorrow. last storm on weds dropped 10in. running out of places to put the snow! almost 3ft. of ice on the lakes. no warmer winter this year!


Interesting seeing another “northerner’s” weather. Very little snow here…maybe 6-8", but more than plenty of below zero weather. -17 on Wednesday morning and -16 this a.m. Supposed to get back to “normal” next week (highs in the 20s). And ya…3’ plus of ice on lakes here


Ours here in NC was going great, but this week we have your problem :frowning:

We’ll have several days above 65F and some nights in the mid-high 50’s! No time below freezing.

Last year we also had a warm Feb, and I lost all my tree fruit. Things started blooming on Valentine’s Day.

It’ll be very rainy all week, too, so I can’t even enjoy the week that way.


I’d “like” your post but it’s not because I like the conditions you’re going through. Hang in there.


Not as much snow here as they were overreacting about - less than a foot over all

[waves cane] Now, the winters of 78/79 - THOSE were Real Winters!