How is your weather?


Ice here today, peach buds under ice


Well, we didn’t get hardly any ice here a few days ago like they were forecasting. Instead we got maybe 1-2" of cold rain, which has made things even muddier around here. I spent a good while cleaning out our drainage ditches that had become clogged with leaves, rocks and twigs/branches. The culvert under our drive was almost completely blocked, but everything is flowing better now.

We’re getting some showers again today, but the worst of it is passing south of us. I believe this has been the wettest winter we’ve had, not a lot of snow, but plenty of rain. I wish it’d dry up a bit, I have a lot of bush hogging to do, but I don’t want to leave deep tractor tire ruts in the soil.

Good thing about today was that it’s been in the 50s, and the 7 day forecast is calling for just one night near freezing. Yay.


Possible rain in the forecast! :heart:


Last couple days have been overcast and we got some s**w. Can’t be too cold though I got things poppin up. Next 6 days are sun and mid 30’s. Outside that is. GH should be close to 70!! :slight_smile:


That’a great for you guys this time. God knows you need it. Bone dry forecast up here.


Overall I received 1/4 inch of rain – enough to rinse dust off the plants. Most of it arrived pre-dawn yesterday and the remainder pre-dawn today. Looking north from my neighborhood at Mt. San Jacinto I see the snow line is down to about 5,000 feet.


Going down to the orchard tomorrow! A Valentine surprise for me! Cannot wait to see how it is doing. Ready to spray this coming weekend as it will be warm. 50’s is warm to me! Happy Valentines day everyone!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


That’s at least something. We haven’t seen any rain since Jan 25th according to our local airport readings. And there is ZERO in the 10 day forecast. Scary!


Need some rain? Y’all come get it. Looks like my area of Texas will have plenty for the next week and a half.



Warming back up here…I’ll spray this weekend…


Looks like it’s going to be warm enough to fish for sure this weekend!

It might look cool and crappy to most people but it looks perfect to me.


We got the first couple of warm days predicted, but thank goodness we are colder than predicted for 2 days as a little break in the heat this week. Maybe that will help keep those buds asleep!

Nothing is actually in bloom yet, so it’s already better than last year :smiley: Valentine’s Day blooms are awful.


Gonna be too hard to drag the sprayer thru the snow or the mud after it melts


Interesting pattern setting up…early spring out east? Californa///west see some winter.


Maybe, we got close to 70 yesterday, but overnight and most of the morning we got lots more rain (shocking), and ended up with a bit over an inch and a half.

The temp’s dropped a lot, it’s 36 now, headed below freezing tonight, with cold rain or snow most of tomorrow. Egads I’m getting tired of the rain. We’ll have a chance of rain for most of next week as well. Might hit 70 a couple days next week.

What that map doesn’t show is a constant fetch of moisture coming up off the west coast of Mexico and up through this part of the country. Just a train of rain for us. Some of my trees need a break from all this water. The ground is super spongy and the creeks are roaringly full.


I’ll believe it when I see it. The GFS has forecast highs in the 60’s and lows about 40F for two weeks now but what we’re seeing is ten degrees warmer.


Here in the Piedmont of NC where I am it’s really looking like an early spring. We’re colder for another couple of days before more heat, but it’s not cold-cold. Right above freezing at night.

That doesn’t mean we won’t get below freezing again, of course, but now I’m thinking maybe it’s just warming up for good here this year, yep. I hope that’s it, anyway! There’s no way to stop the blooms now --it’s too warm for too long and buds are swelling fast.


Here on central coastal CA we’ve had balmy weather; it was 75 degrees on Ground Hog Day, and some of my peaches and plums are in full bloom. I have a dwarf Dorsett Golden apple in full bloom and leafed out and a tomato plant from last year still producing tomatoes, but bad news on the horizon. Freezing temps in the next week. I must do something to protect them.


Some really chilly weather for us in the next week or so. Hopefully it doesn’t drop too much. Luckily most the citrus blooms haven’t opened yet.


Stormy now and then cold predicted for early next week.Brady