How is your weather?


Well, it’s been snowing pretty steadily for the last five hours. I went out to shovel the deck an hour ago, and measured almost 3in. A heavy squall with big flakes just blew through and added maybe another half inch, and it’s still coming down, now with more sleet. It’s been training over us all day from the northwest, and is still snowing back up into Indiana, so we could get another couple inches at least before it moves out tonight.

This will be our biggest snowfall this year, but we had a lot of rain in Feb. If it had been colder then, we would’ve had a lot more snow. I think this may be the latest snowfall we’ve had the four years we’ve been here.

It’ll be near 50 tomorrow and in the 60’s midweek, so I hope this is it for winter.

Looks like I gotta go back outside and clear off the dish, we just lost reception again.

Edit: I was just outside feeding the dog and looking around, and heard some thunder! Jim Cantore would be pleased…


No forecast lows here above freezing as far out as the forecast goes, which is April 7th. I may file my taxes before I’m able to spray dormant oil. Come on spring!


About 6" of heavy, wet snow here today. I didn’t get out to shovel until well after the snowplows went down our street so it was quite a chore even with a snowblower.

Nothing above 50 degrees for the next 10 days.

Bummer that I can’t care about bloom this year. We are set up for a very late one. We are selling our house and have an offer to move out May 8. The buyers are making a mistake because they aren’t going to get perfect fruit courtesy of yours truly. Here’s to a curc breeding ground. :beer:


I didn’t even see a snowflake here…we actually had some sunshine through out the day, but the wind was brutal. I see somewhere in Floyd County Iowa had 16 inches. It’ll melt fast this time of year.

Are you moving far? Housing market is nuts (and has been the last couple years) around here…the amount some people want for homes boggles the mind.

Showing 51F and sunshine here today… rain returns mon/tues…



Yeah, the snow is already melting, plus we have rain in store for the week. So it should be all gone by mid-week I think.

We aren’t moving far. We are building a house 20 minutes up the road to be closer to my in-laws, since my mother-in-law is nice enough to watch our kiddo (to be kiddos) while we work. We are sick of a double commute. The plus is that our new back yard will be bigger and hopefully less wet. However, we will be firmly zone 5a, and I’m not getting much better air drainage than we have now.

Yeah, the market is a sellers’ market here. We had an offer after less than 12 hours, but we busted our butts to put our house on the market for the new crop of M.D. residents coming to work at the U of Iowa.


Weather looks like garbage through first 10-15 days of April…May bloom this year?


Sound like an upgrade. I wish i had more room, but then sometimes more can just mean more work :slight_smile: (like kids!)

Just watching lumber prices, i can imagine building isn’t cheap about now!? 2x4’s i was buying a year ago were a buck less…plywood was nearly $10 less (3/4)…although drywall/tile/etc all seem about the same. I know labor costs are huge now. My brother in Rochester, MN was looking to build a house and the builder was a year out from even starting his so they just found something quick and bought it (they sold their house in a day///and didn’t expect to be out that soon).

Nice babysitter setup! My mom is mid 70s and doesn’t really watch kids anymore (and is nuts) and the other in law works nonstop (and much younger then my mom) so no time.


Forecast is looking good. Everything is about to bloom!


Weather is a tad lower than average here in KS/MO this next week. Highs in the low 50s, lows in the 30s. Nothing to really push things along.

Housing is also nuts here south of KC. People are placing bids above the asking price, just to try to get one bought. Sellers are sometimes working buyers against each other to get the top price.


Folks now days are conditioned to be worked.


Sheesh! Forecast for this weekend down to 20




First rainy day in about three weeks…on a happier note, sunny and 50F tomorrow!


76F here at 5:27pm. And 70+ for everyday in the 10 day :sunglasses::sun_with_face:


Down here we might have seen the last significant rainfall until September.


We just got a foot of snow Sunday night in Wyoming.


8 of 10 days in the forecast have highs in the upper 20s to mid 30s and lows from single digits to low 20s. At least 3 chances of measurable snow too.

Not very spring like


1.8 welcomed inches of rain last night! We haven’t had but 0.4 this year, so it sure was nice!


finally over the hump and been holding in the 40’s and melting fast! lots of sun to help too! finally feeling like spring! ill drink to that!


Now there’s 5-9" of snow in the forecast tomorrow through Saturday. No high temps above 35 in the 10 day forecast.