How is your weather?


15 when I started my daily walk, all the way up to 19 now. Supposed to hit the mid 20s for a high and a low of 4 tonight. Beautiful January day


another 3in.! still snowing!


oh wow, still snowing? where do you live? it’s quite hot here.


26F here right now with sunshine. Beautiful January day. Love the remaining snow piles. Wondering if we turn wet late next week with warm air moving in…hmmm… mild yes, but maybe rainy.


meanwhile in Canada…no snow


Fairly humid today with highs in the 60s. Got a thunderstorm this afternoon which was kinda nice, doesn’t happen that often here. Also discovered a gopher that was eating my figs roots, which seems to be their favorite food. He will promptly be trapped.


where in canada are you? I’m on the border w N.B and we still have 4ft on the ground.


Duck weather here and I’m not sure if he likes it.Brady


They Say this morn is the last of the 20 degree lows. Gonna remove tarps and row covers today, see if anything is growing underneath.


My 10 day forecast shows a low of 32 tomorrow but nothing close to freezing otherwise. Temps are supposed to rise into the 70s by late this week with a low in the 60s on Friday. Looks like we may finally see spring. I just hope summer doesn’t arrive two weeks later.


I’m near Toronto, oh you’re wayy out there. Wow that’s scary for After first week of April! Anything east of our capital we really don’t hear about, unless there’s a serious situation(crime). I’m no weatherman but because we are much lower then most of the country and we get a big mix of colorado’s weather and such that moves east.


We were forecast to get down to 25 this morning, so I was pretty much resigned to that we’d prob lose most if not all our peach blooms. Well, when I went to bed at about 2am, it was still 30, so I thought we might luck out.

But when I got up at 9, I checked our temp gauge it was about 28, and then checked the low temp, and it got down to 24.8 here on the hill. So, they nailed the forecast. The two peaches that were blooming were further up the hill, so it may not have been that cold, but still low.

After we got home from church, I went out to check the blooms, and while they don’t look black now, the petals are a bit droopy, but they looked like that yesterday. 25 is the plus 50% loss stage, but we’ll see what they look like in a few days.

Now at 2pm, it’s almost 50 and sunny, and we’ll have some temps down near 30 this week, but better yet, no real rain threat until next weekend. So, I’ll be able to get my raspberry run done in a few days, and plant them later in the week.


I remember that, i’m betting 2013, it was still snowing on my anniversary on may 7th. A local farmer was wearing full carhartts the 4th of July doing a field of hay.


80° today … air-conditioning is on.


We got some snow early this morning. My wife who gets up much earlier than me said we got about an inch. By the time I got up it was pretty much gone, more so after it got up to 48 today. We got a dusting Sat morn, and I have never seen snow in April. But when one lives in Texas for 30 years, you don’t see snow hardly at all.


Right now Wunderground is saying 15"-24" of snow Friday - Sunday. NWS is calling for possible “crippling” snow but they haven’t issued estimated snowfall amounts yet.

Oh boy…


this is the time of year when we’re supposed to be headed into dry fire season, but it’s been raining. Pretty heavily off and on yesterday and expected t-storms today…trees are getting plenty of water…


Yikes… no thanks on that one. 6z GFS paints about 20+ inches from the Hayward, WI area east…central MN and east to UP of Mich also get a nice coating of a foot plus…

GFS paints about 1.5 inches of rain here the next few days… maybe a little snow on the backside. Extended still looks blah…nothing warm.



We’re supposed to get it in rain


Looking at the forecast the first day when lows will be well above freezing allowing me to apply dormant oil will be April 24th. We were in full bloom the last 2 years at that time. All the spring high school sports here in Minnesota are in their third week and the baseball/softball fields, lacrosse fields, tennis courts, etc. are encased in glaciers and unusable over most of the state. I don’t see how they can get all the scheduled games in without extending the season this year. Worst spring I have ever seen in my lifetime!