How is your weather?


We put the tarps up late at night, since the storm was coming in the morning. So the wind came in the middle of the night. I also had a heat lamp hanging in the middle of the trees. Frustrating! I’d be lucky to have any apricots again this year.


59F here… there was still solid frost in the ground where i was digging yesterday.

Pluots/plum will be ripening by Halloween.

Lots of rain overnight…think i heard a thunder. Clouds and tsunami winds this afternoon. Drying out some. Snow tomorrow (yeah!@!!) another gorgeous weekend on tap with highs in the 30Fs Sat and Sun and no sign of sun until Monday.

End of April as seen by the GFS this afternoon…thong cancel


Covering trees when it’s windy is so difficult. I’ve woke up to blankets in the neighbors yard.

12z NAM/… snow snow snow


Still - no freeze in that


75 degrees today and
We are going to get a snow storm tomorrow morning. Wow!





That’s nuts! I thought our weather (81 tomorrow, 48 Sunday) was bad.


True…but do we bloom with that little of heat?

35F now…heavy rain…tons of thunder/lightning and we had a bunch of hail… i think its snow mixing in now. This is awesome.


Damn rain all day Sunday…LOL…Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…


Just another 75f day.


our low will be in upper 20s Sunday and Monday. Can’t believe it is in mid April already


The big storm completely missed this area (so far anyway). Sorry the folks south of here are getting nailed.


mid 20’s and windy as hell.


Just skirted us here - we could have used the rain


1.5 inches of liquid…about an inch of snow on the ground this morning. It was like a summer thunderstorm last night, minus the heat and humidity.

Mix of NAM and GFS would suggest another 6 to 8 inches of snow.


Cool map if you haven’t seen it of the wind…i’ve shared it before…can really see where the surface low pressure is with winds wrapping around it…

Interesting…a heck of a cold start for Minneapolis:

I’ll have to see where this ranks in history.


Outside Temp 83.3 F
Outside Humidity 10%


Here comes the Snow.



How much snow will you get, Tony?


Up to 4’ inches of snow predicted. It will thaw out in a couple of days.