How productive is Nadia cherry plum?

Thanks Scott! I recently had some pretty good grocery store plums and it made me re-think my “stone fruit are too hard” policy.


It’s happening exactly to my European plum this year. 3 of them effected really bad including green gage.

I ate my first one today. Still a little more tart than sweet. Softer than I expected, seemed more cherry texture than I remembered. Didn’t taste cherry. It was darker than these. I think about a week to go:


For me, Shiro is too mild in flavor. How do you like it compared to other yellows like Inca or Golden Nectar?

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I don’t have those. Shiro needs to be picked very late to be good, they need to be darker yellow not just yellow; they will spew juice all over you so eat them over the sink! At that point they are not what I would call mild. Its not one of my top plums for flavor, but it makes up for it in the unique flavor profile.


Thanks. I did try picking them at varying ripeness. This is just first year of fruiting, so probably too early to judge the flavor.

I don’t think I’ve had Inca or Golden. Shiro’s best texture and best taste aren’t at the same time. It also has a little bit of bitterness in the skin. I like it fine for eating fresh, but don’t look forward to it. I like the juice, which is tart from the skin.

I like plums you can tear in half and retain their shape, or at least cut them into pieces that don’t collapse in a pool of liquid. In the past I’ve used “meaty” to try and describe that.

Shiro texture when ripe is better than Beauty, but I don’t consider juice spewing a good thing for eating (is good for juicing). Others disagree. I don’t like juice dripping down my chin. I like to chew most fruits to release the juice.