How to kill this kind of beetles?

I choose some good pears to wrap with nylon bags.

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That is so interesting that they devour my fruit and don’t touch your orchards! Perhaps your customers and/or you pick your fruit before it gets as ripe as I let mine. As I said, they only start to work on my fruit when it is very ripe- always after it gets soft on the tree (the way I like my fruit but I know others may not).

And just like @LarryGene said above, they don’t touch anything except the fruit, whereas the Japanese Beetles eat leaves on a lot of my trees and plants along with the fruit.

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It may just be we don’t have so many. It isn’t one of the pests Cornell talks about in their guidelines for commercial fruit production.

It is only when Jap Beetles are crazy thick that they eat the fruit here.

But yeah. letting fruit get completely soft on the tree invites a lot of difficulty. Here from yellow jackets and birds. Also SWD. You really notice a big difference in keeping fruit on the tree rather than picking it when it starts to soften and letting it ripen indoors for a day?


I use Garden Tech Sevin (Zeta-Cypermethrin), which is not Carbaryl based. For me, Carbaryl based sprays have not been effective, but the new Garden tech Sevin is. Just my experience.


The japanese beatles we have here in Michigan eat blossoms,corn silk, any thing that has moisture.


Today I was walking around my yard in the morning and there were perhaps 10 blue and orange wasps cruising around right above the grass. They flew too fast to take a clear picture. I found out they are Scolia dubia that parasitize Green June beetle and Japanese beetle grubs. Perhaps these are something we should be trying to actively attract to our yards. I did notice that I don’t have many beetles this year compared to in the past, so I’m sure they are helping.


I’ll have to keep an eye out for those wasps. We have quite a smorgasbord here waiting for them.

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Maybe it would work,but if we introduce an insect to a specific area,how long before it becomes a problem,itself?

This is a wasp that’s native to my part of the country so it would just be a matter of planting certain flowers, which the adults visit, to bring them in from other parts of the neighborhood. It isn’t an invasive from what I understand.