Hugul Culture


More wood ash and charcoals and covered with goose pen manure (straw woodshavings cardboard)



More wood.


More wood.



More coffee grounds


partly composted cedar wood chips (I know, don’t use cedar, but I have researched and found zero evidence for this, except that it inhibits monocots (grasses) and there’s plenty grasses, maples,sumac, mullein and other things already growing in in the pile now 5 years old). That’s it so far.


those are gonna be some big mounds! :wink:


This thread inspired me to do a little more hugeling. The back of my plot at the community garden has a steep drop, so I decided to make a retaining wall and use some wood to fill it out. I had most of the construction material on hand from some scrounging, so it just cost me around $20 for some more spikes and the last few pieces of landscape timber to finish it off. Here was after I built it and I had dug out one side and put in some old rotting oak my neighbor wanted to get rid of. That is five buckets of compost from my compost pile waiting to go in as well.

Here is the mess of soil and weeds I dug out before putting in the wood - lots of rhizome types so I had to get it all out of it will just come back from the roots and take over. This is all screened to remove weeds, rocks and rhizomes/roots before going back in. When everything is done, I’ll cover the soil with a layer of newspaper and then wood chips to mulch things and keep the weed seed that I’m sure is in the soil from getting a start.

I screened the dirt and compost, alternating about a half bucket of each at a time.

And when everything was back in it looked pretty good … and I was totally exhausted. I’ll tackle getting the other side dug out, filled with wood and the contents screened and cleaned another day. While it was a lot of work, the logs filling up the bottom is much cheaper than buying some quality dirt to fill the beds, plus hopefully I’ll get those nice hugel benefits for any dry spells, etc.


I have declined Black Gold after reading some reviews that said it lacked flavour.