I never intended to have a fig tree


Good point. Thanks


I planted a Hardy Chicago twig the size of my pinky finger, and the little think actually grew. It was broken off by deer over the Winter, and I forgot I stuck it in there. It is supposed to survive 7a without die-back. You can have it when I dig it up, if you are interested. I don’t think I should be growing a fig at the base of my Shiro plum, and I already have Hardy Chicago in the back yard. It probably won’t be that big by the end of Summer.


Wow! I planted a Fig sapling last month.


thats fantastic, i assume where you live must be humid or fairly warm for the cuttings to root,
ive rooted many fit cuttings but indoor under heat pad.

rc gliders


It is a common practice here for figs. They don’t always root so out of the five sticks three rooted. This method is easy but they must be inserted into the soil while dormant.


I was outside with no shoes on last night and stepped on a fallen fig. YUCK! We have a love hate relationship. It was this cute medium bush looking tree in my backyard when I bought the house and now it’s something like 30’ wide, 30’ tall and 20’deep. It puts out 400 figs 3 times a year. It’s seriously a monster


These pics are a couple yrs old.
It’s WAY BIGGER now!
Here’s a second picimage


Have you ever made jam Renee? Worst that could happen is you have Christmas gifts :wink:


Sounds like giving a bad fruit cake.:rofl:


I have been walking past this fig almost daily without any noticeable changes. This morning when I went by it looked like it had doubled in size. Does the change indicate that it will soon ripen?

Several more on the bush and it will be interesting to see how many has enough time to ripen.


Yes. The color is not very green anymore. The birds and other animals know when they are edible before we do, so please protect them now.


@btle is right. Once they’re ready to go, it all happens in a short period of time. They expand out of nowhere and ripen a week or so after that, after what seemed like an eternity of just sitting there and doing nothing. I have an unknown that produced 2 figs, and I wanted them to stay on there one more day to be fully ripe. But the birds swooped in and took them.


Today was my first pick day. I don’t know what a good looking fig looks like but it did taste great. Pinched 20200520.


What was the color on the outside when you picked it? Aren’t you glad you planted one now?


The outside was dark with a small crack. Came lose easily. Glad to have the fig bush now, I don’t know how many will have time to ripen but it has several more on the bush.


I bet you’ll get many more. My figs continue ripening into November even after the first light frosts. I can normally get 90% of the crop to ripen and my climate is less fig friendly than yours.


These two were as sweet as honey. Figs don’t make you wait too long to be rewarded.