Indian Blood Peach a Bust in the Northeast

My Indian Free in Northwest. Seattle areas.


Steven is a talented photographer! His fig photos are amazing too…


My Indian Free, my one and only. Dropped today, 10/10/19


My Black Boy, dropped on 10/8. The only one this year.


Your peach trees just given you samples. You have inside pictures please.

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Just ate the Black Boy so here are the pics of the inside.

It had thick skin. Skin was full of fuzz. The fuzziest peach I have encounter. Flesh next to the skin was red. The majority of flesh was white.

Aside from being pretty, the rest is a disappointment. Flesh is firm. Taste was bland. I detected some bitterness. We ate it with skin and without skin. Both times, I still detected bitterness.

Brix was 10. My hubby said if I did not tell him it’s a peach, he would not know what fruit it was. He said it tasted like “nothing”, very bland.

This is a late peach for me (ripened 10/6). It would fit @Olpea’s description of a late peach, firm even fully ripe. Sorry @mrsg47. First time trying it. Hope it will get better next year.


Thank you so much for all information. Inside pictures look so beautiful. Have you tasted Indian Free peach yet. Hopefully its flavor is better. Mine tasted good but very low production so I might not keep it as well. Thank again @mamuang

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Too bad. I really didn’t think it would be so white. :weary:

@Vincent_8B and @mrsg47, I have a winner !!!

Indian Free, picked 10/10. Outer appearance was quite similar to Black Boy, dark, fuzzy skin. Inside (my one fruit) was a bit redder.

Taste-wise, they were night and day. Indian Free was sweet with high acid. Nice blend even for someone like me who does not like sour fruit.

Brix was 18, the highest of all peaches I’ve eaten this year. Hubby also likes it. If you like a good blend of high acid and sugar peach, Indian Free is for you.



Sounds fantastic Tippy. I usually hear good things about this peach. At (+47) days to Redhaven, I have serious reservations about getting it to ripen in Spokane, but I had to give it a try. Hopefully next year I can sample a peach from my tree and, if I am lucky, it will be as good as yours!

Someone sent me the scionwood last year. I grafted it on a nectarine tree. It set one fruit this year. I bagged it with a Clemson bag. It was the last peach of all the peaches have to ripen (fell in the bag).

I dob’t have Red Haven so can’t tell if it’s +47 from Red Haven.

Your PF 24 C ripened a few weeks earlier than mine. I assume your IF will, too.

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Great, you should hand pollinating to get more peaches next year. Tippy

The nectarine tree I grafted it on has 10+ varieties of peaches and nectarines on it. I think those will help. I only kept one IF this year because the graft was small.

I put the seed in ground right away. If it sprout next year, I will keep the seedling to see what it will turn out to be.

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For better results, you should break off the hard shell of the seeds before seedling and see if the seeds is firm enough and the chance to spout always better. We can do that with jujubes and the others stone fruit as well.


So far, I have no issue just sticking peach seeds in ground. They have sprouted.

I do not trust myself with a hammer or vices. The chance of me crushing them are higher than when I leave them alone :smile: