Introducing myself to Scott's forum

Welcome Quentin. This is MrsG. I live in Uzès. I have 23 fruit trees on my terrasse. Where is your pepiniere? Salut!


thank’s for the welcoming.

Our clientele is local and mostly around the mediteranean ! Not plan on shipping plants accross pcean nor do any advertise about the nursery.
We are a small familly business including 1 worker (me = the owner) and 1 apprentice (a passionate one).

I aim on sharing tips, asking for advise, talk with other fruit lovers ,and more importantly finding some fruits/solution about the weather/climat changing…


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Better fixing an appointement before your venue

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À côté de Beziers.

Hi everyone. My name is Olve and I am a passionate hobby grower residing in Norway by the 63rd northern paralell. Luckily, due to the gulf stream and our costal location - our climate is around USDA zone 4-5, with cool summers, but mild-ish winters. My wife and I have recently planted a permaculture food forest around our house. We grow over 300+ fruiting plants, but most are still young - I think we might have overdone it… We love to grow all kinds of fruits, but I also try to develop new cultivars of red fleshed apples and new better Haskaps (early stages). While roaming the internet, I’ve often found answers to my questions here in this forum, so I needed to make an account here. Mainly interested in cold hardy perennial fruits. I hope to learn and contribute!


I’ve posted a few times here, so I figure that I should do the introduction thing. I’m 63, and I’ve been trying to grow plants that make things that I could eat for decades. Typically, I only do things that I’m good at, but I have stubbornly kept at gardening, with far more failures than successes. I’m a founding member of a community garden in suburban St. Louis, where most of my plot is taken up by Traveler blackberries. At our house we have 2 Pixie Crunch apple trees that need to be sprayed all Spring with Eagle because they are ridiculously susceptible to rust, one Liberty and one other apple that I don’t remember its name. We also have both Prime Jim and Prime Jan, and Jewel, and I have one Caroline in a pot that came back strong. I have a couple of Freedom blackberries and a few Travelers.
We also own a tiny house next door that we used to live in that we’re fixing up to rent again, and there are Prime Jan blackberries, a nice peach tree, Jewel raspberries, a giant plum tree that is a favorite of the local squirrels, a pie cherry tree that was there in 1999 when we bought the house, that my wife adores, as she uses the cherries in her baking, but is dying–this may be its last year. We also have some yellow sweet cherry trees, but if the sour cherry dies, we will need to plant a pollinator. The next door house also has a mulberry tree that grew there after we bought the place, and I only discovered it a few years ago. I like mulberries.
I buy oddball tomato seeds every year from Baker Creek, but most of out harvest is from volunteer cherry tomatoes that come back every year on the east side of our house where they only get maybe 4 or 5 hours of sun a day. Go figure. I only recently discovered this forum, and am mostly interested in learning from the posters here who are serious Rubus enthusiasts. I try to eat pretty keto, avoiding empty starches, and I save my carb calories for fruits. Oh, and I also have recently inoculated some straw and wood mulch with red cap mushroom spawn.


I would like to thank Mr. Scott, for making this forum possible, My name is Raul I am from Spain, from a province called Albacete and I am a young man who is more interested in fruit trees every day and I wanted to share with you experiences and learn from all of you. If you have any questions about my land or my trees, don’t hesitate to write to me. Thanks a lot


Long time lurker, finally decided to make a profile and start engaging! Former Portland, OR resident, now in the Victoria, BC, Canada area. Very open to scion exchanges (Canada).

Growing/trying to grow, in cool summer zone 8b on a suburban plot: akebia, apple, aronia, autumn olive, blueberry, bush cherry, chilean guava, currant, elderberry, feijoa, fig, goji, gooseberry, goumi, grape, hazelnut, honeyberry, jostaberry, jujube, kiwi (hardy/arctic beauty), meyer lemon, lime, lingonberry, loquat, mandarin, maypop, mulberry, olive, pawpaw, pear, persimmon, pomegranate, prickly pear, quince, seaberry, saskatoon/serviceberry, silverberry, strawberry, sudachi