Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Thanks for the comments. Tulsa is a nice place to live, I really like this place and good people around here. Yes, oil industry is doing better right now than the last year. It is not as good as was two or three years before but it is getting up, and that is good sign for people in here.


Thing are more or less same over there. Our people see land as an investment, and waiting for right moment to sell or build something, even he grows fruit or produce in that land.


I seem to have that problem in talking to folks as well. At first, I’m a bit shy with folks, and am somewhat uncomfortable with talking with them. But, after I get to know you, then it’s like you can almost hear them, “will he ever shut up?!?”.

I would be a horrible editor. My wife used to be a newspaper editor, and I’m sure she would like to tell me sometimes, “please, just the abridged version”!


I’ve tried to get help from hourzz but they seem very clicky.Im so out of my skin to see on you tube a grower of citrus ,Figs & your self built storage of trees your self w one person​:ok_hand:.Id love to see myself growing a smith gig tree​:pray:t2::heart:️ ! You’re my favorite grower on you tube & only grower from phila. Area​:pray:t2: In love ! A real grower in Pa.& better yet Phila. Area. Keep on filming for us in Phila.area. You’ve got me addicted!!! I’m always so happy to get a notification from your new post.Please keep posting for us in Phila.area We Need You :notes::notes::two_hearts:.PRAY IM THE LIL GROWER THAT FOLLOWS you in Phila.area.Would you mind telling me the area of Phila. Area where you’re growing? I’m in Lansdowne,Pa.Ive had a super dwarft cavendish banana,I’m in a top floor (4 th. Growing.Wish I could build on common property but owner wouldn’t allow me.Im 60 & Growing is my passion from end of march to Oct. outdoors,then we move out trees into elevator to 4 th fl.with our grow lights. Had an issue with a Meyer lemon tree & a type of root rot.trying to grow past that.any advice on that topic? I’d appreciate any advice as growers can’t help me from Texas or Cali.? Thank you for you’re postings & advice especially from my Area!!!:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:Keep on growing & I pray for a little luck in the Scott gig tree giveaway​:sparkler: !! My b-day is dec.31 .Heres hoping you & your spouse have a great New Yr. & Enjoy your NEW YEARS PARTY :sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::+1:t2::notes::notes:Send us more posts about growing in Phila.area​:+1:t2::+1:t2::point_up_2:t2::palm_tree:Love to find your new posts :+1:t2::ok_hand::lemon::heart:


IM SO SORRY MY POST WAS SO LONG BUT I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU HAVE A GIVEAWAY & MOST OF ALL A FRUIT TREE GROWER NOT TO FAR FROM WHERE I AM VERY EXCITED TO HAVE A GROWER IN MY AREA THAT CAN FEEL THE PAINS IT IS GROWING SUB TROPICALS IN A STATE LIKE PA. Especially in Phila. Area.Cant wait for the big spring to come so I can do what’s best for my trees​:lemon::heart:️:notes::pray:t2:As you can tell my excitement of seeing your new post & the possibility of winning a fig tree??again sorry I’m so long winded ,But I’m so Excited to see you’ve got new post $ HAVE A GIVE AWAY (Fingers Crossed) CANT WAIT TO HEAR THE WINNERS didn’t give a date of give away? Did you pick a date?? Please post???:+1:t2::lemon::ok_hand::sparkler::sparkler::pray:t2::heart:️:heart:️


Welcome aboard.

I think you posted in a wrong thread. If you referred to @ross ’ post, you need to post in his thread in the Scion Exchange category.


Ross , You’ve made my day ( I mean Mo, I’ve been shaky. I tried to send Ross my address but they keep coming back to me . Please let me know if you ever got my adddress ? I messed up the pay pay.typed wrong ,don’t know how to fix? Super dwarft cavendish banana, they only get 5 ft tall ! Please let me know if you got my Lansdowne,Pa. ???



On the top right corner of the page, there is a symbol with three lines next to your handle.
Click on that line, it will show all the categories.
Click on the Scion Exchange category.
Once you are in the Scion Exchange category, look for Ross’s thread “Smith Cutting Giveway…”.


Thank you for such a warm welcome​:heart:️ ! It’s not like Hourzz garden forum where everyone seems to be so critical of everyone’s post& ignore all new comers. I’ve posted close to one fox. Times & was posting about the subject they were on but they were all so into putting each other down & harshly ! I’ve given up on that site.Everyone seems very warm & welcoming​:pray:t2:I’m so happy I’ve found a site that comment to everyone & seem so nice​:heart_eyes:! Not so clicky!! Ross I had a super dwarft cavendish that was stollen but mine was 3 feet tall & I got feeling that in one more dull sun I’d have BANANAS the way it barometer grew.Ross try a super dwarft cavendish in very early spring & since they’re supposed to only get 5 ft. Tall & love full sun they put sometimes 2 leaves a wk. , Let me know if you get one & how well it works out for you? I can’t remember who I bought it from but super dwarft are very rewarding & I think you’ll like growing them​:heart:️I did. Please let me know if you ever got my address in Lansdowne ,Pa.? I’ve sent to your Comcast email address. But they come back undelivered & my pay pal acct. I typed wrong email address went to RossRass@comcast so they said it went through but I’ve got to work on pay pal & fixing your email address w pay pal.Ive got to tell you when you said my 1st name it was like my 1st baby,Fluttering kicks in my stomach & when you said Lansdowne,pa.I yelled out loud.Ive won a Varoom bike w a banana seat & big bar in back to support my back.The part I loved it made a noise "Varroom " neighbors probably didn’t like.Needless to say it disappeared a mo.later from my childhood home In Upper Darby,Pa.near Manoa (actually called Highland Park ) Its changed since being a child but my dad was the best peach tree grower.One yr. ,his tree was so heavy with huge peaches.that one of many full branches broke off into my neighbors yard.They loved it​:heart:️Peach pies for everyone (but us.There were plenty left.Mom grew Strawberries tomatos & peppers .my dad(God Rest His Soul) was pure polish & had soil in his I’d love to grow a peach but you’ve got to buy the right tree for your area.How about these exciting gigs?How long until I could see fruit? I need a real education when it comes to figs.Ive got the feeling I’ll get plenty of help with my fig tree here! Well let me know if you ever got my address in Lansdowne,Pa.? & I’ll try & fix my pay pal acct. so I can get S&H to you ASAP .Lottsa love & new yr.happines to all on this site & thank you all for being so Warm & Welcoming :cocktail::champagne::notes::pray:t2:Thank you :pray:t2::lemon:


Correction FULL SUN -Not full sun.Guess my fingers are to big for iPhone keyboard .Its a constant problem .Please all excuse my typing mistakes .Im sure you all know what I mean ! Again thank you all & Ross please let me know about if you got my Lansdowne,Pa. address yet?



I sent you a response to your PM! I love the enthusiasm.


Hi Everyone,

I have dropped by many times since it started and benefited from the wealth of information here. Thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge you all have. I was an infrequent poster at gardenweb, and once houzz took over, not at all.

I live on a postage stamp size urban lot, about a 1/12 of an acre, so I don’t have room to collect dozens of any one species. Instead I grow things that other experienced gardeners or members of CRFG say “does really well in my zone” or “it is the best variety” or “this is the only one you’ll need.”

I am a long time gardener, 20+ years, mainly with a passion for edibles. I keep chickens, a desert tortoise, a golden retriever, a retired farm cat, plus a variety grapes, kiwi, feijoas, figs, stone fruits, apples, loquats, persimmon, citrus, goji, guavas, pineapple, and berries, plus lots of drought tollerant perennials. Most of them, the fruit plants anyway, were collected from O.C. CRFG members or specialty nurseries. I am also fond of irises, especially reblooming bearded iris.

Thank you everyone for sharing all the fig experience and I look forward to learning more from this helpful community. Please forgive, I am not the most frequent poster, but I’ll try.

USDA zone 10b/ Sunset Zone 22 California


Welcome aboard Han.


Welcome HH! Hope your enjoy yer time here. Sounds like you got a lot going on in your little plot in So Cal. There are a few GF members on here that are pretty close to you, I believe.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome, Hanbury! Souns like you’re up in Orange County, not far from me here in N. San Diego county. I grew up in Orange County (Garden Grove, Fullerton and Huntington Beach). Amazing you can keep chickens, so I commend you. I cannot, which is too bad. I’d love to have my own fresh eggs every morning.

Patty S.


Thank you for the kind welcome, everyone!


Hi HH! Welcome!!! How’s your Spice Zee Nectaplum doing? I bought one after looking at your blog post!


Hi Bleedingdirt!

Thanks for the welcome! I did buy a SpiceeZee tree right after posting about K’s, my neighbor’s, tree on my blog. I had it a 5 gal container for about a month. And I did remove my old red baron peach and desert gold peach from the area the SpiceeZee was destined to go. However, my husband’s best friend and his wife had just bought a house around that time. I was planning to get them a house warming gift, that is until the wife, who is also friends with my neighbor K, mentioned she went to H & H to buy a SpiceeZee to plant in their yard and they were sold out for the year. Therefore, I gave her my tree. She picked a few pieces of fruit off it last summer. I have not bought another tree of it for myself. I ended up planting two of my feijoas in the area instead.

Even though I don’t have a SpiceeZee in my yard, I have been blessed with getting plenty of the fruit from the tree across the street at my neighbor’s house. I trade her lots of owari satsumas in the winter in exchange for nectaplums the summer. Between my two friends, I figured another SpiceeZee might be redundant. I haven’t ruled out grafting it on to one of my other trees later on down the road, once it goes off patent in 2022.

How is your tree doing? K’s tree is huge now, and had some issues with Oriental Fruit moth damage or Plum Curculios in the fruit last summer. She doesn’t spray anything on it as far as I know. Despite that, I think she picked a lot of fruit. We got plenty from her.


Good to know you are getting Spice Zee fruit one way or the other! :wink:

Mine has struggled with vigor ever since my botched knee high cut and it’s on Citation. What is your neighbor’s tree on? But the fruit tastes great even though thrips scar them and render them ugly.