Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome aboard, its a great group filled with experienced growers and backyard orchardists.


Come on in. The water’s fine.


Welcome Karen, from the foothills of NE Kentucky.

With all that swampland, maybe you ought to grow rice! I also bet y’all have bumper crops of mosquitoes every year.

Speaking of rototillers, we bought a new Husqvarna last year, our little Troy Bilt cultivator was too wimpy to do what we needed. But, that Husqy is like riding a bronco, you just hang on. Me and my wife grow way too many veggies for just two folks, I think next year we’ll be scaling it back a bit. Especially with all the new fruit trees and berry plants to tend to.

Hope you enjoy your time here, I’ve only been on here about a year and a half, but have learned so much.



Anne . . . I used to live in Wmsburg. My husband went to W&M. We would take a drive to ‘Nicks’ when it was still there. I miss the ‘Lobster DienBien’ - or however they spelled it! Yorktown is very nice. Cozy!

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Wow! Everyone that is welcoming me aboard lives in a place that I have lived, before. ! I lived in Louisville for about 2 years - in the late 70s. I loved it. But, my boyfriend (now husband) and I are from South Florida - and felt a void with no ocean within reach . . . so we ended up moving. We moved to VA - right near VA Beach. I miss Louisville, sometimes. It, like everywhere else, has grown so much - and changed. I need to go back and take a look once more! Thanks for the note!



Well, we are far removed from Lew-uh-vul, as most folks here say it, about 130mi east in the foothills. The closest big city to us is Huntington, WV.

But, anyways, I’m not a native, I’m from OK, we moved here to my wife’s family farm about 4 years ago. We got married about 9 years ago, and she always wanted to come back here. I lived in the Dallas suburbs for almost 30 years, until we took the plunge. Talk about culture shock!

But, KY is very nice, and it is really beautiful here, and I must say we are really blessed to have such nice land to try growing all kinds of things. We’re still learning about a lot of stuff, but it is fun nevertheless.


Hello, I’m new and live in the Houston,TX area. I have around 15+ citrus trees in the ground and another 25 in 7 gallon pots. I’m planning on the post citrus era. Citrus greening is killing all the trees, it is just a matter of time. Citrus psyllids which carry the disease have showed up in my back yard 3 times so far. They may or may not carry greening. Problem with greening is symptoms of it may take 3-4 years to show up. Citrus canker is about 5 miles from my back yard. I’m thinking of planting a bunch of persimmon trees. I have a 4 year old saijo and have budded a couple branches with giombo and honan red. I bought 25 persimmon root stocks this year mostly to demo grafting at the grafting classes I’m teaching. I taught one this fall and another planned for this spring. Just got some bud wood for sumo citrus (generic name is dekopon or shiranui), the first in Texas to get it but I had to pay $245 for 20 buds! You probably have seen the fruit in grocery stores in February the last couple years at a very high price. I was growing out a seedling sumo but stopped when I heard the bud wood was available. Most citrus comes true from seed except a very few that make hybrids unlike most other edible fruit. I’m also growing cherry of the rio grande a cherry like semi-tropical fruit as true cherries won’t grow here. I’m trying paw paws again. I had them for 10 years or so and got tired of the possums eating them all before they were ready. Planted a white sapote in the ground last year. Supposed to be as hardy as citrus but not quite. A friend 30 miles south of me has gigantic 40+ foot tall white sapote and avocado trees in the ground. His house is on oyster creek which is more of a bayou than a creek.


Welcome mrtexas! I’m about 200 miles north of you in Athens. There are others here from your area… @bradkairdolf @garybeaumont @insteng some (or all) of hit hard by Harvey and I haven’t seen them around for a while though. There’s a lot of good information and nice people here.


Welcome mrtexas! I know you from other forums (I use a different name there). I believe I’m just down the road from you. I grafted a few persimmon varieties last year as well. I may be able to give you a scion of a few if they’ve had enough growth this year.


Welcome Mrtexas,

I live on the west side of Houston in Katy and have property in East Texas in Buffalo. Sorry to hear about your citrus trees. My last house I had a couple navel oranges and tangerine trees that I never did anything to but every year they would literally turn orange from all the fruit. I could pick a large grocery sack a day and not put a dent in It. I would love to get some citrus started up in Buffalo but last year my trees froze to the ground even with protection. Right now I have about 3 dozen different varieties of trees planted up at my property. Hopefully in a few years I can start a orchard on 5 acres of land I fenced off. For the next few years we will grow watermelons there until I am ready to plant the orchard.


Good evening, I’m new in the forum!!!


Welcome aboard!


Could you please tell us more about yourself so we could get to know you? Your fruit growing experience, what fruit trees you are growing, where in Europe you are located, etc.


Welcome Mrtexas,

Good to see more people from Texas coming on board. I have been in the process of moving since Harvey flooded my house and have not had access to my computer. I decided to move north to higher ground. I do not want to go through this again. I will have 12 acres and plan to put in a small orchard. So far the citrus greening has stayer away from our area.


I Just found this forum. Browsed a little and see that it has some excellent info. I’m in north Alabama. I’m a fruit growing novice. I am growing some SHB blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.


Danger!! Danger!! People on here will have you growing more stuff and spending more money in no time!!! Welcome… I’ve already succumbed to the pressure and this forum is a lot of help.



Welcome JIm! I think you’ll like it here. Are you getting any snow today?

What varieties of berries do you have?


Good to hear from you. I wondered if you got your land! :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you for the warm welcome. No snow today but plenty cold. I have around half a dozen types of blueberries. My favorites are Oneal, Jewel and Legacy. I just planted my first raspberries this year (5 Preludes). Had a real small fall crop. Picked the last of them about a week before Thanksgiving. I also planted 2 types of blackberries this year; triple Crown and Prime Ark Freedom. They are both vigorous and am hoping for a crop this coming year.


Cool! I am planning on planting several different rasp and blackberries next year, including the ones you mentioned. Will be curious to see how they turn out for you. We also have 4 northern blueberry bushes, which we planted back in May. We (or I) got the fruit bug last year, and have already planted 26 trees (apple, pear and peach), sour cherry bushes, and various other berry plants. We should harvest some strawberries next year, and hopefully get a few apples.

There are other Bama folks on here, including @Auburn, @barry, @drusket, @Outdoor334, that I know of.