Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome aboard the growing fruit train. From S.E Ohio.



It happens.
I ordered 16 new pomegranate varieties this spring. Dug and prepared 4 holes this weekend with my husband’s digging talents.
Hey. It’s a much healthier addiction than most. Right? :seedling::ear_of_rice::grapes::melon::watermelon::tangerine::lemon::pear::peach:
Oh! And welcome!


Thanks Karen! Hey, when I get time to get into pomegranates I’ll look to you for advice.


Hopefully, Chris, by then I’ll be an expert! The people on this forum have held my hand quite a lot on this one! But - so far - I’ve got pomegranates! Who’d a thunk it??? I’ll post pics when I put them in the ground, in April. Still too cold here . . . . although not today! Blink and the weather changes around here! 40 one day. 80 the next.



.:blush: …the ride…

You know that our unofficial motto here is …




I love it mike. I think I’m going to adopt that motto. On a conscious level. :eyes:


Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I was a GW member for years and finally decided to join here so I could keep learning from you all. Thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge and experience.


From your name sounds like you are from the mid west. Welcome, aboard


Thanks for the welcome, Derby42. I am in the tallgrass prairie of Kansas, a beautiful and challenging place to grow fruit. I have young fruit trees and brambles, and am trying to figure out which varieties and rootstocks will perform the best for me here.


I am having the same quandry, KSprairie. And finding out about all the different rootstocks is challenging! Wish you luck! In my search I did see a lot of rootstocks that ‘don’t like to get their feet too wet’. Wouldn’t those be good for Kansas? Do you have a lot of wind? That must influence your choices, too. So different from my humid east coast problems. :thinking: Oh! And welcome!


Thanks for the welcome! We get a lot of strong winds here and have heavy clay soil. I am avoiding any rootstocks that need staking or are otherwise known to be less hardy, and sticking with those that do better on the heavy soils. I have a few more trees to get planted this morning before the winds get in the 25-30mph range… It’s not terrible, but you get a lot of grit in your eyes! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi, It’s been about a month that I’m on this web site. I’m learning so much! :slight_smile: I’m not a beginner at gardening, but I’ve never graft before and I want to try it this spring. I’m living not far from Montreal, zone 5b, Canada. We have cold winter and sometimes late frost. Thaks for your precious experience sharing!




Welcome to the family.

Partake of and join the company of those who gladly share their knowledge, skills, and wishes for successful fruit growing.



Just a short intro:
Have gardened forever from Alaska to New Orleans to Virginia to Texas and now Northern Nevada.Technically Zone 6, but I take issue with that for my microclimate and go with Zone 5 for safety. It’s high desert.
I put two cherry trees on dwarf stock into the ground a few years ago to replace a very aged cherry tree we took down. One Stella and one ?? both on Gisela5 (6?). I didn’t keep good records! Not getting a lot of fruit yet, but making changes like tearing out lawn around them.
Just put in 4 apple trees in a close-growth situation. 2 will be espaliered, 2 will be managed with techniques from “Grow a Little Fruit Tree.” All are on M111.
Looking to graft a bit on those espaliers when they get to that point. Right now all are knee high!!
Also have a bed of raspberries which are doing pretty well, and two vegetable raised beds.
Looking forward to hanging out and learning. And sharing.


Welcome aboard.


Welcome to the forum.

Two of the Nevada forum members that I recall from the top of my head are @jujubemulberry and @HighandDry. You are in good hands.


Good to see you joining us


so glad to see posters based in NV ! considering that there aren’t many of us @Momlongerwalk and @HighandDry :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve fancied myself as the Lone Ranger of Nevada home orchardists, at least as an Internet forum presence (such as my limited presence here projects) for a long time now. It’s good to see a few more Silver State additions. You’re in southern, Nevada, correct, @jujubemulberry? I’m guessing based off of your Z9 designation. State affiliation aside, our gardening weather isn’t all that similar. I am curious about our new friend, @Momlongerwalk. Z5 could be near me if she’s in the valleys north of Reno, which would put her within spittin’ distance.


yes, i am in southern nv. You and @Momlongerwalk definitely have more conducive conditions to fruit-growing than what i have here(you probably don’t even need to water your trees), and glad you’ll have someone nearby to exchange experience/scions with.
Seems like by my lonesome in so. nv, and if there might be others, they are not very active forum members. Quite understandably, people who plan to establish orchards would never consider doing it in sin city, lol. It has a most absurd climate and the caliche soils are just as tough and unforgiving.