Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Hi Peter,

Happy to hear about another fruit enthusiast out here in Western Mass! We’re down in the Northampton area, so possibly not all that far from you, but there are probably plenty of days when we’re getting rain and you’re getting snow. Though we got an inch or so yesterday, too.

I am very much of a novice as far as growing fruit (or anything really) goes, but I have been enjoying it so far, and am very grateful for this forum, and for the friendly and knowledgeable people here who have saved me from my own ignorance more than a few times.

Hope your plants do great this spring!


Cool, thanks for the warm welcome guys! Yes, let’s hope the milder temps move in soon.

Jin, I’m up in Gill, so about 1/2 hour north and we are a little bit up in elevation so we get snow when you guys get rain sometimes.


Hey everyone! I have to say, I’m really excited to take the leap from lurker to participant. I’ve spent a few years planting things like grapes and herbs, doing my best to keep them alive while chasing after three young children… this year the kids are old enough that they only require _near_constant monitoring. I am familiar with many of you from over on the Houzz board- I was so confused for a long time about why all of the good discussion just seemed to stop! hahaha… you’re all here! Whew, glad you’re somewhere. I have put in a few apple, plum and cherry trees, currants, honeyberries, and am going to be putting in a quince and trying a schisandra vine this spring, too, among other things. Glad to continue learning, and to have a way to ask questions from such knowledgeable people. I live in one of those neighborhoods where having a fruit tree is seen as odd- having many makes me feel like a total oddball! Surrounded by bare lawn, but hoping to inspire others in the neighborhood, eventually.


Hey, Erect . . . I LIKE your sense of humor. Welcome to the group. I’m pretty new, too . . . . but can’t seem to shut up. I don’t want to lose my ‘real’ friends, by boring them to death with Peach Variety Discussions. So - this is a great place to vent.


Hi Peter! -from Karen (AKA PomGranny) in Virginia.


Katie! You must take a look at what ‘Girly’ posted, back in March. She posted all sorts of shots of her ‘landscaping’, which is almost totally ‘fruitscaping’. I don’t know how to send you a link . . . so just look for the screen name GIRLY. Her yard is amazing.


Thanks Karen, I’ll look for that post! I have been watching gardening and permaculture videos on youtube all winter, and I’m starting to run out! This winter has dragged on far too long. So I’m glad for some new sources of inspiration. :slight_smile:


I hear ya!


why, thank you, pomegranny. . . er, pompomgran. . . pomreader. . . i mean, pomwonderful! wish i had the space for a peach tree, but even if i did, i beleeb i’m in the wrong zone for peach magic.

since being bitten by the gardening bug, i’ve nearly driven friends and family crazy with plant talk. i imagine there’s not much risk of that here. :slight_smile:

and hello to the other new folk, peter and katie!


All my forum friend besties call me ‘Pom’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: From one funny-guy to another . . . have at it!


Welcome Katie! We are glad you are here. I had to laugh when you said you live in a neighborhood where people think you are odd for having a fruit tree. I used to live in a place like that. I had a garden in such a place and it was even on the side of my house instead of the back. I’m convinced my neighbors were all saying “why would he tear up perfectly good grass and turn it into dirt and veggies he could buy at the store?”. ha. Oh well. Anyway, you’ll find the people here incredibly knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge-and without all the commercials and drama over at Houzz! Welcome.



I’m excited to have found this forum. I love growing anything edible; I don’t have a ton of space (about a quarter of an acre) but I use all I have.

Some things I am growing: apples, pears (European and Asian), plums, apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, walnut, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, grapes, hardy kiwi, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, mulberry, fig, almond.

Not a lot of tree free space left in my yard :slight_smile:



Welcome aboard.

You list your zone as zone 7. Would be consider putting your state in your profile?
Zone does not tell us much. Growing fruit is about location, location, location :smile: Tell us where you are (state or even city) will be helpful.


Ok, I think I’ve successfully added more information to my profile.


Hey, new to growing my own fruit right now I only have a guava tree. Should be getting more in the upcoming months.


Peter, welcome to the forum! Lots of great people here with a wealth of knowledge. Please tell us a little about yourself and your interests. Also, as someone above mentioned, if you could at least add your state to your profile, it’ll help people if you ask for advice. Not all Zone 8s are created equal!


Found this forum a while back looking for info on some fruit. Thank you all for your comments and contributions. I have learned a lot reading through the threads and been encouraged to plant some different fruits.
I have fruit and gardens growing in Georgia, VT and Shaftsbury, VT.




Hey there!

This forum is a real treasure! I found this place last year while searching for information about figs ,since then, I’ve lurked and read topics to learn when I had a minute. Finding this forum actually inspired me to cut down a dogwood, magnolia, cherry tree, and an ugly hedge to make room for more useful plants. I live in the suburbs so I didn’t have much space. Something had to be sacrificed for the sake of fruit growing. I’ve only had a couple in ground figs, some potted figs, and a jiro persimmon until the past year, so my backyard orchard is just in its baby stages.

Hope to learn a lot more and share what I learn along the way.



Welcome aboard and know you will find lots of interesting conversations and people.