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Hey Ahmad.

Writing in a single post all the fruit genera that I have in my orchard , and their corresponding varieties, making a good description of each variety, would be longer than writing the Bible.
It seems to me more successful and entertaining, to treat the issues by fruit genus, so that in this way absolutely everything is analyzed (rootstocks, varieties, tree formation systems, fruiting pruning, grafting methods, etc … …) in a more rigorous and orderly manner.
If everything is done in a single post, it will be a hodgepodge of ideas and concepts all intermingled, so I think we will address it by genres.
It most likely starts with cherry trees , which is one of my favorite fruits.



The Puget Sound lowlands are similar to the Rhineland, so we need early ripe grapes. Our AHU above 50 Fahrenheit is less than 2,000.
Some heat loving grapes like Thompson just grow vine and little fruit.
White wine is much better than red, locally but a few French hybrids like Landot 4511 do great.
Riesling only makes it on the very best sites, but botrytis is also a problem here in the fall.


David, the Puget Sound lowlands are far to the north, so you must have real problems with fungal diseases.
I imagine that you must know perfectly well the varieties resistant to powdery mildew, and downy mildew developed and selected, in the countries of Eastern Europe (there are really good varieties).

This Slovak nursery is just a small example. In Ukrainian nurseries, there are countless magnificent varieties and resistant.

I have a good friend in Galicia (it is a region in northern Spain where there is a lot of humidity), this guy is passionate about grapes, and has been obtaining and experimenting with resistant grape varieties from different countries of Eastern Europe for many years, of Russia and Russian satellite countries.

I will send him a message, so that he can send me his list of varieties, so we can have first-hand information.

My region is quite atypical, since in winter it is very cold, and in summer very hot, but the environmental humidity is minimal, since the rains are quite scarce, so the incidence of fungal diseases is minimal, and making a good winter treatment, I’ve never had big problems.
I will keep you informed regarding good varieties of grapes resistant to fungal diseases.



I did visit the Nursery Website
Had several interesting Muscat flavor grapes.
But most were not available.
It’s very difficult to import grapes to my State.image


This thread’s main purpose is for new members to introduce themselves.

Could you please create a new thread in the General Fruit Growing category to discuss your fruit experience?

You posts will get more views and members can benefit from your experience.

Thank you.


Yes mamuang , you have reason.

Best regards


David, I know you are eager to talk with me about grapes, which despite not being one of my favorite varieties, is a subject that I know quite well.
Please we will respect the forum rules, and we will transfer these types of conversations to the general forum.
We are young and we have a lot of time to talk about fruit trees in the general forum.
Just one last note.
If in Spain you are caught rooting grape varieties, without using rootstock resistant to phylloxera, and above all you say it in an open forum " consider yourself died" hahahahahahahaha.
Uffff, it is a practice very, very, very not recommended.

This will be my last intervention here.

Best regards


So good to see all the new members arriving here


thanks to everyone here for posting such congenial introductions, plus beautiful photos and life stories. Been a member here for so long but for so long didn’t want to (dis)grace the occasion by posting mine. Admittedly owe some members a bit of info as to 1) what i am and 2) where i’ve been doing…

anyway, my name is rafael and just like many members here, i have a green thumb, or at least i pretend to have one. And hoping someday to have two…
have been married ~25 yrs and been a dad for just about as long. And like many here, i also have a laundry-list of hobbies and interests. Started cultivating greens as a 4 yr old, which got interrupted by ‘adolescent/manly’ stuff as bikes, gunpowder, etc, which didn’t last long. Apparently my testosterone levels declined just as quickly as it peaked, reverting me to my childhood endeavors–resumed growing greens in my late teens. Heck even diversified to flowers… you just can’t get more “manly” than that, lol!

spent about half my “growing years” dabbling in ultra- or sub-tropicals(from herbs, to fruit trees to torch gingers, to orchids ad infinitum) in the isle of luzon, philippines, while the next half i spent on temperate/xerophytic species here in las vegas, nv. And yes, have grown papayas and avocados for years, and have grown them from seed. If been posting so much about temperate species in this forum, it is because this forum is predominantly about temperate species. If this was a tropical fruit forum i’d go by the name of bananarambutan instead of jujubemulberry!
unfortunately don’t have selfies with papayas/avocados–simply because averse to having photos taken of myself, but below should be evidence of my island experience. My tropical version of flora and faux-na in the middle of manila. Bromeliads, heliconias, and tree ferns should be enough proof :wink:

also raised a multitude of pet species, from dogs, to chickens, to lovebirds, tortoises and even electric eels/scorpions/spiders… Found these old photos with my forest tortoises and cuora box turtlescuora%20box%20turtles 20180301_233233


Grest story and pics Rafael! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Kevin :slight_smile:


Great post. Gotta love the spitting cobra statues!


Rafael was compelled to post here after interrogation from me :grin:

Those cobras are amazing, BTW. Did you build those ?


which felt like a KGB deposition, just kidding.

and yes, built those hamadryads. Chicken wire, copper tubing and iron rebars gooped up with cement slurry. Nothing fancy. My dad wouldn’t let me have pet snakes so made them instead


May I ask for your cooperation, please? This is the INTRODUCTION thread.

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They are so striking and beautiful Rafael. I am a fan!


thanks Jenna, quite flattered, but this rafael is not exactly michelangelo. Heck he is not even raphael…


Hi, i have a small raised bed garden with a 12 x16 unheated greenhouse where i grow some tomatoes and peppers. I’m located on the north Oregon coast.


Welcome Steve!


Hi Steve! Get ready to grow more…this forum does that to you! I’d love to have a good tomato right now.