Introducing myself to Scott's forum

Welcome Jenn! I am also in Montreal and am a few seasons in on my journey with peaches, plums, pears, apples and small fruits. This is a great place to learn.

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Hi @ainsley
I would love to know what varieties of peach, pear, plum and apples you are growing and how you like them?

Welcome Jenn and @ainsley.

May I suggest that you (all members, in fact) provide info about your fruit growing experience in your profiles? This way anyone can look it up and get to know you better.

After you joined and read the forum for a while, you will be able to private message others using a symbols of a blue envelop. If you do not want to post your question in the fruit growing category, you can pm other members then.

Again, I apologize to have say this again, please keep this thread to Introduction only. I suggest that other inquiries be posted in other category on the forum, please.


Hello all! I am Lisa and I am growing a bit of everything in Richmond, VA, in a little less than half an acre. I cant remember when my interest in gardening started, I think it was always there. My mom grew many banana, papaya, guava in India. My apartment had more plants than furniture - see there is a pattern here :D. When I got my house, was overwhelmed as I didnt know where to start. Would randomly pick a spot and started planting…the first few were roses, a stick of Santa rosa plum and more roses. Tried my hand at veggie gardening and made all kinds of mistakes. Have hard clay soil and digging a hole took forever back then. I have been steadily piling mulch in the back and front yard and have very rich top soil now. Planted pair each of dwarf apples and pears that to this day have not done anything but take up space. Have about 15 fig trees (hardy chicago, green ischia, peters honey, flanders, osborne prolific, celeste, turkey brown, beers black, olympian, violette de bordeaux(found at lowes of all places), lsu purple and some more I cant remember right now)…got majority of them from ucdavis, back when they were nice towards home gardeners. Have about 2 or 4 poms, out of the 10 that propogated from ucdavis. Poms in my yard seem to suddenly turn yellow and die. Also, have one matsumoto Fuyu from edible landscaping that is a prolific producer on a tiny tree(#450 persimmons was the last count). Last week got honey jar, sugar cane from edible landscaping…for anyone looking they have bare roots now( 50$ each and its a good size). It was very hard to get 2 as they also had Shanxi li, the G…66, Li and lang, and the contorted SO. In addition have over 200 roses, several herbs( both edible and medicinal), 5 or 6 blueberry varities(lost the tags, they were propogated from ucdavis cutting), a monster thornless blackberry, several raspberries, some everbearing strawberries and pawpaw. Want to try 2 things this year:

  1. grafting: seems insane that i never tried it. So now I am itching to start. Have a massive turkey brown, that has blah flavor, it is about 15x 7 that will be the root stock.
  2. zone pushing: plant my musa banana(indoor in a pot right now), lemon plant , curry plant outside, cover it up for winter and see if it survives zone 7a. Loved reading your stories in this post, nice to meet you all.

Hi @Plisa and welcome to the forum! I live in Brownsburg VA zone 6b. I have sons in Richmond and Charlottesville so I’m up your way often. I lived in Richmond for about 25 years myself. Try grafting–you would love it! I look forward to hearing more from you on this site!

@Rosdonald Thank you! I will definitely post my updates.