Is this apple scab?



Nope, scab is black. You can find lots of pictures of it with a brief search. That’s just a bit of russeting. The crack looks to be a problem, and I’ve no idea what caused that.

Thanks, I did not think scab was an issue this far south. I have had russeting before but this is really thick and its distorting the fruit. If its just cosmetic and does not cause any cracking its not a problem. The apples did come off the tree very easily which does concern me.

Looks like I have a boron deficiency. I also have tip die back in blueberry and jujube that may also be boron related.

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I’m thinking that, in the case of boron deficiency, the very light use of Borax might wind up having the benefit of controlling ants in the area, as well. Could wind up being a double or triple win if used wisely. Improve tree health, reduce ants (especially my hated fire ants) and indirectly reduce aphids with no ants farming and protecting them.

I did not know borax controlled ants. My soil sample from last year indicated I needed to add boron, I used a fertilizer with micro nutrients but I guess that was not enough. The area I have my trees planted in has very poor soil and I am always fighting some sort of deficiency.

I asked about fire ant control earlier this season. , I learned this answer on this forum. In this thread on fire ants from post #6 or #7 down, you can read an explanation.

Thanks for the link.