J. Plums vs. Pluots



Yeah that’s a typo.Emerald Beaut Plum was developed by Zaiger Genetics. Burbank developed many, dozens, and often many are called Burbank. So it can be confusing.

What about the Burbank Plumcot? Same as Burbank Plum? Seems to be the same?


From what I’ve read,there were a group of about twelve seedlings that he obtained from Japan, which were called blood plums.Two of these became very successful and one was named Burbank.
I’m not sure about the lineage of the Plumcot,but that may have come later.bb


The plum called Burbank I’ve seen was not likely a blood plum, if that means red fleshed. It has a beautiful orange color.


I was reading this from http://www.lutherburbank.org/about-us/luther-burbank/plums
“In the 1870s, the first of many plums were imported to California from Japan. Luther Burbank introduced the Chabot plum, a Japanese import, in 1881. By 1883 he became active in seeking out other Japanese plums, first as introductions in his catalogs and then to develop new hybrid varieties. Burbank ordered a dozen so-called “blood plums” from Japan in 1883, but they arrived dead. When another shipment came in 1885, Burbank reported that they were “12 sturdy, healthy plum seedlings.” Two of these were very successful: one he called the Burbank and the second was a plum with red flesh that Burbank called the Satsuma, “in honor of the province whence it was derived.” About 10 varieties of plums came from Japan to Burbank that same year.”
It could be that some of those seedlings were not from the same tree,which were later named,the Burbank and Satsuma Plums.bb


Thanks a lot, guys, you are knowledgeable and helpful.

Would Bruce plum which is a Japanese * Chickasaw hybrid cross-pollinate with Emerald Beauty?

I bought two pluots trees at groworganic.com two years ago. They grow like crazy and bloom but haven’t produced fruits yet. But they are at my front yard, while Emerald Beauty will be at backyard - probably too far from each other. On a backyard I also have some European plums.


Pollen could be collected from your Plums,including Emerald Beaut and touched to the Pluot’s flowers with a Q-tip or small paintbrush.bb


And Satsuma has dark purple-red flesh, so I’m wondering what this article means exactly. If he simply used trees that were supposed to be seedlings as they arrived to him, and came up with too such useful plums without any breeding work on his part, this seems extraordinary but doubtful.


I read a little more about this story somewhere,unsure where right now.He was at the San Francisco library and read about a sailor who ate some delicious,red fleshed Plums from a tree in Japan and that got him started on his quest.
The man that retrieved them,sounded like an acquaintance and not really an expert in those things.
I’ve never read any details about the trees that produced the seedlings.bb


What are the names of the two Pluot trees from groworganic?bb


Here it is (I bought two of this):


Those should be enough to pollinate each other and they can be helped,by the paintbrush method.bb