Jam Without Sugar?




Clear Jel is often used for this purpose, is relatively inexpensive.


Clear Jel is modified corn starch. Pure Jel is standard pectin. I wouldn’t use either.



Are there any specic reasons you would not use these or is it that others work better?




  1. Corn Starch
    a. In unrefined “corn on the cob” – no big deal; comparable to potato. As a refined starch: a poor dietary element whether raw and especially when cooked.
    b. Others work better.
  2. Pectin
    a. Requires (or in some products includes) sugars (typically sucrose, from cane or sorghum). Don’t want these in my diet.
    b. Others work better.


Bought some Pomona’s Pectin last year, after seeing Don “The Jellyman” Yellman recommend it on many occasions. Utilizes a calcium salt additive (I don’t know the chemistry involved), and you can use lower amounts of sugar… but for jellies, it ‘sets up’ way differently than those made the ‘old-fashioned way’, with Certo or Sure-Jel. Still tastes OK, but I’m not a fan of the texture or lack of ease of spreading. And… with less sugar, surface mold seems to be a bigger issue(not a problem - I just scrape it off).


Thank you, Lucky for chiming in. We went out of our way to find Ponoma’s Pectin (ordered on line, not sold locally).

Same experience you have, the texture and lack of ease of spreadibility is a turn-off. We went back to Sure-Jel and real sugar.

People seem to be so scare of using real sugar. Some choose diet drink instead drink with sugar just to find out later that the chemical sweeteners are also harmful to our body.

I use the real thing. As long as it’s done in moderation, I think it’s fine.


I’m not scared of sugar. I happen to like the way my fruit tastes without adding a sweetener.


Good for you.


I just some Kudzu root and plan to make jam tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know the outcome