Jerusalem Artichoke and Groundnut (Hopniss)


Not much to look at but this is where I have been growing my Groundnuts. Has not really spread in the 4 years its been there. I have also never harvested any. I accidently dug up one moving a root stock over a few feet. How do I prepair this thing?


My groundnuts just started sprouting a few weeks ago. The ones left outside in their pots have a bit of root matter, but they seem slow going. The ones I stuck in the fridge for 3 months sprouted quickly, and I put 'em all in a pot at the base of my Grumichama sapling (along with some Ichoimo in adjacent pots). The vines are quickly climbing up, and I’m wondering if I should’ve grown them somewhere taller. I’ll snap a pic tomorrow.

The Jerusalem artichokes are putting on height rather quickly. Spindel is very vigorous, Supernova less so, and Red Fuseau somewhere in the middle. I stuck 'em all in a yam patch, and everything’s starting to tangle a bit, but if I can get a decent crop out of the mess, I’m happy.


Took some morning pics of the Groundnut-Ichoimo tangle:


Jerusalem Artichokes are looking good.

Hope all of yours are doing well.


I put in my groundnuts a couple of weeks ago. My friend gave me a single node of a second type so we would both have some hope of cross pollination.
He had started his earlier so that one had a whip coming out of it.
I planted it and it had gripped it’s support structure and was opening it’s first leaf.
Went out yesterday and it was eaten to the ground.
I think the local bunnies consider it a gourmet treat.
Anyone know if the nodes will keep trying?


it should still have some energy to resprout. put some wire around it.