Joan J Raspberry Primocane Fruit Yield VS Floricane Fruit Yield

Do you thin your p-canes during the spring/summer or only in the dormant season?

Here is a pic of a small V trellis I setup last spring. It is about 8 ft long… 1.5 ft wide at base… 3 ft wide at top.

Right now those Ohio Treasure blacks are producing some nice sized black rasp and there are a few HR in there too…

Also lots of Pcanes coming up in the middle right now… both reds and blacks.

Once my spring crop is finished (end of June or so)… I will wait a few weeks then take out all the spent floricanes.

And will also thin out the primocanes if needed… but only if they are just overly thick which might encourage disease issues.

I will do the final thinning early spring while still dormant.

My little V trellis is made with 5 ft u post and galv wire. Works great on a small bed like that… low cost and easy to setup.

@Sunny_Orchard … I have considered Joan J… but started off with the Heritage reds spring 2020… bought 3 HR to start with… and propigated several by relocating root shoots to other beds… I easily have 60-70 HRs now. I have all the reds I need for now.

I have also figured out I like the blacks best… so my efforts to propigate or purchase more for the future… will be mostly on black raspberries.