Jolly rancher tasting apples

I agree that even though I have tasted a Granny Smith apple I would say it is not a sweet apple and I would not call it sweet like a apple jolly rancher. Most people cook with it. To me candy has it’s own flavor. You can have a Comice pear or Warren pear that is equally as sweet as brown sugar or other fruit as sweet as candy (I would argue Fuji has the sweetness as a candy in a way given even store bought apples have almost a honeyed taste to them and a home grown Fuji in a dry area will be even sweeter). Most candy takes what I would describe as a fake flavoring not really produced in nature and add a bunch of sugar to it. It is just not going to be found in nature. Like I said the sugars flavor can be found in nature or the honey flavor likely because those are things that come from nature.

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i dont eat sweets often but sometimes like to get a small bag of jelly belly jelly beans and sit there and identify what flavor is what as i eat them. the pear actually tastes like a pear. the one that blows my mind is buttered popcorn. Ronald Reagan had a bag stashed on one of the 1st space shuttle missions as a surprise for the astronauts.


The French variety Avrolles is supposed to be one that has that classic green appley flavor. I’m unaware of anywhere to obtain it in the states. It’s a classic, very tart, cider and baking variety, that’s said to mellow well when stored, becoming good for fresh eating .

I just did a search and seems Appalachian Ridge has or is trying to import Avrolles and a few other French cider varieties for FDA quarantine on their property. French varieties on horizon