Here is a picture of the fruit from the Fort Worth Botanic Garden Jujube tree. I picked some last fall, to try it and see if I wanted to plant jujubes in my yard.


did you end up liking it?


I just want a scion from it!! :+1:

How did it taste?


Some jujubes were better than others. The good ones were more crisp and juicy, slightly Apple-Esque. The not as good ones were more dry and spongy.

After trying them, I did decide to buy two trees this spring and have them already planted them in my yard — a honey jar and shanxi li, both from Doans Nursery.

They were around $50, so not inexpensive, but I’m super excited to have a fruit that ripens later in the season and that is potentially so versatile!


This just posted on Facebook from Dr Yao




For Availability of Honerjars, I’d call L E Cook, and see which nurseries they had shipped too


Thanks for the NMSU link. That’s pretty cool. Can anyone comment on fruit size variation on the same cultivar in jujube? I was looking at the photo of ‘Topeka’ on that site and some of those are much larger than I’ve had on my 4 year old. Same with photos of ‘Shui Men’ posted on here compared to mine. What would cause smaller fruits for me? My ‘Shanxi Li’, ‘So’, ‘Polenski’ were all large last year and received equal water, sun etc as ‘Topeka’, ‘Shui Men’… so I’m wondering.


if your subject tree bears plenty, you can try thinning the fruitlets this summer and see if the remaining fruits will improve in size. With jujus, there is also the likelihood that the variety you have may be true to name, and the ones you see online(or vice-versa) may have been mislabeled by the farmhand and broadcast to buyers, who then share and pass along budwood. Totally unwittingly, even by supposedly reputable nurseries.

photos of fruits in a totally different climate also lie sometimes, especially if one is using the relative size of the foliage as basis for fruit-size approximation. Trees grown in full sun, hot weather, and with longer growing seasons generally have smaller foliage. And having mentioned that, it may also be due to the overall photosynthetic activity per unit time which equates to bigger fruits. That field station in new mexico probably gets more sunny days and longer daylight hours overall.