Jujubes- Our New Adventure


I kept them in the fridge until they are gone that could takes several weeks. I dried them with my dehydrator or just air dried on the counter.



I have six producing cultivars of jujubes that I very much enjoy eating, even my Silverhills. But non of my jujubes prepared me for the box of Chicos sent by the gracious nature of @jujubemulberry…Wow!!! I can only repeat what @mamuang posted:

Whether it is the soil or the climate or the cultivar, I don’t know, but they were so much better than anything I have grown. And…this is where it becomes weird…I felt a definite narcotic high from eating about ten in a sitting: Kind of a relaxing buzz…difficult to describe…and no, I wasn’t taking any other legal or illegal substances. The next day I addictively consumed about ten more and had the same reaction. My jujubes had never produced that effect before. Has anybody else had this experience with jujubes?


Is anyone growing Topeka mentioned in this article https://www.crfg.org/pubs/ff/jujube.html ? It’s from Kansas so I would like to give it a try.


it’s a cultivar i missed buying from Mr Meyer. I talked to Mrs. Meyer but she couldn’t identify his trees. England’s might have it though.

glad you liked them @Livinginawe, as those were rather dry, just like the others have sent to other people. Should be noted though that jujus from the deserts of az and nv would be considerably dry especially if ripened from june-early sept, so to all have sent jujus to, you could expect juicier fruits wherever you maybe.

incidentally, quite possible that certain people have the genes for increased neuro-receptors specific to whatever it is in jujus that make one feel good. Much like brunettes/blondes/dark-haired folks get high rather quickly with anesthesia, but redheads seem to need much higher doses. As for the feel-good properties, one may have heard of the lotus-eaters in greek odysseus, which may have pertained to people who ate fruits and flowers of ziziphus lotus, a cousin of chinese jujus, but native to morocco/sahara.
There are even several bands named ‘the lotus eaters’, if you were rockin’ back in the 80’ and 90’s. :wink:


One of the supposed benefits of jujus is a calming/neurological effect that has actually been studied:

Jujubes are known for having a soothing effect on the mind and body. That’s exactly why they’ve been traditionally used as a natural antidepressant, anti-anxiety and anti-stress medicinal food. The seeds of the jujube fruit have been specifically implicated in reducing anxiety in animal subjects.

From article:



Just eat about 5 to 10 jujube fruits daily fresh or dried for your Vitamin C and also Helps with sleeps. What a wonderful fruit.


Xu Zhou from England’s, planted this spring. Good but not great taste, hopefully will improve next year here in Dallas


I wonder what your Xu Zhou would taste like if allowed to get more brown. I tasted it at England’s this past month and it was excellent there. Does anyone else here have experience with it? I’m considering getting wood for it this spring.


Bob, I wished the Honey Jars are the size of my Shinko Asian pears. Lol.



Nik, could be. Next year I’ll have more to try.

Tony, that would be some jujube!


should my blood be tested now, it would turn out positive for dangerously high levels of jujubes and sand pears.

and the past few days also positive for figs, burro bananas, rambutan, jackfruit, longans, and green coconuts, plus moderate levels of blueberries and sapphire grapes :slight_smile:


I have a first year Xu Thou that put on quite a few fruit. Many of them were split because we had a bad drought going in and watering or an occasional rain would split them. So I had suboptimal fruit that I thought was “good” and might have the potential to be really good. They are late to ripen if that makes a diffference to you. I have three left on my tree that are almost ready



Deer ate all but one fruit from my first year Massandra.
This is the only one left.

They also got some So. Fortunately there are a few left.

I put both trees in ground. They don’t get as much sun as I first thought. After I planted them, I realize the large maple tree across the street blocks the sun after 4 pm. Oh, well.


Ouch!! That’s a nice looking tree though. Guard that fruit!



Massandra was the one in back. It has a bendy trunk like a crescent moon. So is in the front. It is also bendy to the left. I had to tie it up to keep it from falling over.

I planted two new trees with no straight trunks in the front yard. My neighbors just shook their heads :smile:



That’s two nice bendy trees you have there! The So will be a conversation piece for sure. I really enjoy looking at mine in its stark form in winter. My massandra is small too. It came tied up to bamboo and I just left it or it might also be slouching a bit. I just had one fruit on mine that didn’t drop off and the grasshoppers ate half of it. :confounded:



I’ve had Topeka in the past although I’m not sure I have it now. The fruit was small. I don’t recall what it tasted like but I was not impressed.


Picked my Sugar Cane. Very tasty and crunchy. I have about 5 lbs this year from my 3rd year tree. Most people I gave to love it. So far, the only person who is not interested in it is my own hubby


Ask him to eat one a day to desensitize him :grin:


My husband loves them so I have to share…:confounded::confounded::confounded: