Jujubes- Our New Adventure


My Black Sea fruit. Got the scionwood from a generous member. The graft took and produce two fruit. They are small. They have distinct pointed bottom.

The comparison is for Black Sea, Honey Jar and Sugar Cane.


must be one of those variations resulting from climate, rootstock, age of graft, etc. Our black sea has yet to produce pointy bottoms. Not sure how established your graft is, but black sea can reach the size of a large hj, at least when measured along its longer axis.


Black Sea was grafted this spring. I have a couple scionwood of this variety grafted. This graft set fruit.

I thought the pointed ends were interesting. I have not eaten them yet.


i see, they should get bigger as the graft matures


They are also a very important tree for nectar during summer dearth months for pollinating insects and honeybees! Especially areas that do not have lots of basswoods and make a excellent summer food source.


I’ve read that people have their fruit damaged by yellow jackets, wasps, etc.

I thought I was lucky as I had no such problem. Well, yesterday, my luck ran out :confounded:.

We were picking our last batch of HJ. I noticed several of the fruit had “bird pecks” , small holes. Turned out those damages were caused by yellow jackets.

I almost grabbed them by accident as they were feeding inside jujubes that I was picking. I may need to pick my HJ a bit earlier so they would not become so sweet or too attractive to yellow jackets. They caused quite a damage.

Any of you facing this issue at your locations? @BobVance, @tonyOmahaz5, @jujubemulberry,
@k8tpayaso, @castanea?


I’ve had ants make holes in some of my honeyjar fruit - excavating under the skin so you don’t see the extent of the damage until you get up close.


The yellow jackets are all over my Asian pears but not the Honey Jar. We had lots of rain this fall and the Hj fruits cracked and flies really went after those fruits. I also harvested the HJ a bit early to avoid some of the pests.



I got yellow jackets damaging Asian pears, too. I hate to kill them as they are pollinators, too.


when fully ripe, juju fruits will ooze sugary liquid from the skin, and have seen wasps converge at the fruits to lap at them, but not to cause damage like they did yours.
it is the birds that do that kind of damage here in vegas


I’ve had ants damage them. They will clean out the inside if you don’t catch them early enough. Occasionally a bird. No wasps/yellow jackets…but they do get my figs…


i tried black sea once it was small fruit for me. it was first year young plant so i wasnt too sure it that was normal size but i think with your photos help confirm black sea is on the smaller size. thank you for sharing.


I have them sometimes but only in 2 or 3 cultivars. They ignore most of them.


I’d need to have fruit to see this issue…

Actually, I did see a few with this type of damage on my latest ripening cultivar (a rootstock) which had quite a few fruits. It has been ripening over the last 2 weeks and isn’t quite finished. The Bok Jo (very productive) branch and So and Sugar Cane trees were all earlier and didn’t see this type of damage. I noticed a few fruit on a Honey Jar, but they set so late that they are very small and haven’t ripened yet.


Caught them in action today. Saw 2-3 of them feeding on one jujube.


I guessed they love the HONEY!!!


Can I ask you where did you order your Jujubes from? Thanks


Burnt Ridge (small but inexpensive),
Trees of Antiquity (large trees, expensive)
Edinle Labdscaoing (large trees, expensive.

Jujubes were the most expensive bare root trees I bought.


I think I would like to get a couple of them but don’t know much about them. Which varieties do you recommend? Thanks


Another nursery my friend just bought two jujubes from was Grow Organic.

Before you buy these expensive trees, I hope you find a way to taste them first. Not everyone likes the taste or texture of jujubes.

Also, you are in a warmer zone, you probably have more varieties to choose from. @Bhawkins, @jujubemulberry, @k8tpayaso, @castanea could help you with selections.