June Bug Grub Control

Whoa. :scream:

This makes no sense to me, Patty. But all I did was apply a lot of Sevin Dust, which ended up on the ground. Only the dusted plants have this under them, so that had to be what caused it. But it can’t be this easy or everyone would be sprinkling sevin on the dirt to kill these guys. I’m just confused (but happy!)

Could they be in ready to emerge stage and just happened to emerge through your Sevin dust?

Keep in mind that the formulation of Sevin has changed since thecityman’s last post.

Possibly, but they were all dead. But yes, they could have just happened to have emerged, then crawled through the sevin, and that killed them. That might actually explain what happened…then again, I am not sure if they emerge at the stage shown in my photo. I assumed they didn’t emerge until they were actual beatle form. But I don’t know.

@Richard does make a great point, btw. Sevin is a whole different thing now days!

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