Juneberry from seed


Oh cool. I grew one outside a few years back and it only made two flowers. I probably had it in a less than ideal location. The one I put in my mouth to try gave me a surprising sensation, though! They really work! Do you plan to use all of those for toothaches…?


not sure what Ill do with them, if you keep picking the flowers it will keep producing… I was thinking about adding them to a batch of wine next summer, would make for an interesting taste sensation!


Checked the fridge and my lee8 seeds are sprouting already, was hoping theyd stay dormant for another month or so. Planted all 9 of them to a single 2gal fabric pot with coir today. Smokey and aronia havent started sprouting yet… Ill post a pic once they break ground.


Derek what is your take on lee8 vs other juneberries. What is your favorite?


Sorry I cant really say much about others yet, the only one Ive had substantial production from so far is smokey… The others were year 2 last year, should get a few more berries this year. My dad sprayed my JB30 with roundup last summer and killed it, hes 80 and has a thing about grass growing around bushes in his yard, through the mulch, not the first time hes killed stuff I have planted there. He also killed off their rhubarb plants last summer, for the 2nd time! Right now all I have planted is Martin, Lee8 and smokey. If anyone has or would save me some jb30 seeds next summer Id appreciate some!



might b a little too much light, some leaves appear stressed.


added some osmocote to coir between plants today, made holes with pencil.



Hey Derek,

I’ve tried to find a decent price on brown grow bags but they’re so much more expensive than standard black. Have you found a decent deal?



I use brown root pouches. I noticed price has gone up about 40% I used to pay 5 bucks for 20 gallon, now they are 8 bucks each.


That’s exactly what I’ve found. It doesn’t matter if it’s Greenhouse Megastore or Amazon. I even went so far as to contact manufactures in China to purchase 100 or 300 and I would’ve gone broke. Here’s the price quote I got:


I noticed a niche for 15-gallon so that’s the route I began with. With shipping that put me at more than $4.50 a bag and I haven’t even begun shipping the items. I couldn’t compete.



Not that you’re saving a bundle but $6.50 a piece. Gotta buy 10 of them:



Yes about the same price for ten. Both my link and yours is the same place, Greenhouse Megastore… Ten appear a bit cheaper on Amazon, thanks for the link!


i got mine from greenhouse MS also…