Kidd’s Orange Red, Gala, Rubinette, and Sansa

Have you previously used any of the Geneva rootstocks? I’ve read around here that they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


Here is one of the thread re. Geneva rootstocks.
Low genetic diversity of Geneva rootstocks and viruses.


Like so many things, apple research is driven by the huge corporate farms. If the Geneva roots produce pretty apples in just 2 or 3 years from grafting…and are compatible for miles of stakes and wires and the commercial varieties grafted to them, that’s all they are really worried about.

The ‘little guys’ are doing the research…that’s you and me…when it comes to their strengths and shortcomings in all sorts of climates and situations.


Im pretty much all geneva for apples, except for the trees i got from starks (mystery rootstock, they dont tell) . And i have gala on m26 and mac on something i cant remember.
Geneva wise. No complaints so far. I have one runty tree that im going to move, hoping the site is the issue. Its on g11. Got a burkittsville red in the same order on g11 and its a beast.
Keepsake on G41 is just planted, leafed out in a day.
My trees are young. My orchard has lagged … when life goes to hell, well so do yr trees.
In any case I hope G performs well :four_leaf_clover:


Yup. Truth.

How did Sansa turn out for you Scott?

Any rot issues?

Good question… it is gone but I neglected to log what happened and I can’t remember. It might have been a mis-ID, the stock I had top worked it on to had the stock start fruiting and that might have been the supposed-Sansa.

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