Kieffer in bloom already

Thought Kieffer was a late bloomer, this tree has blooms all over it. This is second year in ground and I pruned a few weeks ago.


“The Book of Pears” shows it as very early bloom.

I went out yesterday and most all my plums are swelling. I’m imagine we won’t get any this year again. 70’s towards the end of the week will push them along even more.

I am in NW Arkansas. We might live close. I never got a chance to taste my apricot. I planted my plum tree for four years. It started bearing fruits the next year that I planted. My tree is multi-grafting plum. Late Santa rosa is a reliable one.

Your Kieffer is on schedule. At my place it blooms with my earliest varieties.

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Wow, that is good the tree is blooming on time. I thought it was a late bloomer due to what I read here The sales reps there told me is was a later bloomer and the main reason why I selected late bloom varieties. SNAP! Should have added a early bloomer in there too.

I was bit concerned

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Mine is in full bloom…that may not be a good thing but it is.

Kieffer normally blooms very early so its so far so good Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit 2017 . Everything with blossoms is a chance.

I have seen it listed as a late bloomer also but at my location the results are completely opposite. Kieffer might be somewhat self fruitful but I have Orient, Golden Boy, and Hood that also bloom early and all overlap.

Our last frost average date is in March… our weather has been so warm that everything is waking up early and will get bitten. :cry:

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen because nearly all the southern pears bloom early .

My pears have not bloomed yet but my plums have been in full bloom for over a week. Luckily we are not showing any forecast for a freeze for the remainder of the month. I’m expecting my pears and peaches to start blooming in the next couple weeks.

My pear has started pushing buds. One more frost and we can kiss the crop goodbye…