Leaf curl on my new Bartlett Pear

Hello everyone, Thanks so much to all who helped me to find my problem with my plum (aphids). I sprayed with neem and we shall see. I also have another problem. I have a new Bartlett Pear that I planted this year before the leaves came out. The soil there is a heavy clay, but I did amend with compost. (Also, my Bartlett Pear that was there died last year due to being ringed by rodents at the base) The leaves were slow to appear. When they did come out, they were curled, as in the photo. The whole tree looks weak and unhappy. It is not short on water (maybe has too much). I checked the leaves and see no bugs. I would appreciate any ideas that anyone has. And thanks again.

I have an asian pear that looks identical to that. It is not thriving but I’m attributing it to transplant shock in heavy soil. It did not have great root structure at the time of planting. I feel that once it establishes it’s roots this year it should fare much better next year.

On a side note. While pruning the same asian pear this spring I removed a piece of 20th century wood and grafted it onto a mature bradford pear. It is absolutely thriving. The leaves are large and open. I attribute this to the established Bradford pears ability to provide the energy necessary to thrive.

Hi speedster 1, Thanks so much for that. I does give me hope. That is actually what I thought too but it does not seem to be going away. I will keep my fingers crossed for both of our trees.

Yes, it will be better next season.

Over fertilization can cause leaf rolling on pears. It shows up really quickly when over fertilizing tomatoes for example. I just looked it up to see if the same behavior has been documented in pears and it has, over watering is also mentioned.

Well those are 2 behaviors I have been accused of.

you’re not alone

Hi, it is me again, the one with the pear with the leaves curing. I wanted to give an update on this issue. The pear tree never grew any new leaves and the ones that were there were pathetic. I called the nursery where I bought it and they said that they would replace it. I went in to get my new pear, and saw that they had about 3 other bartlett trees that looked EXACTLY like mine. I think the problem was with the rootstock, because when I pulled the old tree to plant the new one, there was no rooting apparent. I am so happy with my new tree.

Did the roots on the replacement tree look better than the original?