Li Jujube

I got to taste the fruit at the mostly green stage and thought it was very good, but imagine it would be better if allowed to turn color. We ate so many that honestly they began to taste the same…I wish I would have taken proper notes. Bok Jo I did get to taste when brown and it was very sweet, similar to Sugarcane. I’d heard lots of rave reviews about Honey jar but it was honestly subpar among some of the others.

The best jujube we ate that day was from a lone plant from the greenhouse hanging on to one fruit. It was Daibailing, which will soon be propagated through Shengrui Yao at New Mexico State. Perfectly crisp and sweet and it was fully green. But of course that was one fruit grown in a greenhouse, so I can’t say how it would perform if planted out. I want to follow up with Cliff and see how that performs for him since he’s up in zone 6 in Kentucky. I’m in the Piedmont area of North Carolina so I am hoping whatever did well for him works here for us.

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What part of the Piedmont? I’m about 35 miles west of Winston-Salem.

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Oh cool, I’m in the northwest part of Greenbsoro near the airport.

Have you seen the series of photos starting with this one of a Li tree in Greensboro?

If you’re ever headed out my way, you’re very welcome to make plans to visit, by the way. I always enjoy connecting with other fruit growers in person (and sharing whatever scions or layerings or whatever I have to share.)

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I have not seen those photos. Thanks for passing them along! That’s great to see the tree performing well.

Thank you for the offer, I would love to visit at some point. I’m fairly new to tree crops and fruit production, so trying to learn all I can. And same for you, you’re most welcome to visit as well. I don’t have much in production yet, but in the coming years I should have some scion to share. I am grafting the following jujubes on to Sugarcane and GA866 under stock this coming season: Dae Sol Jo, Bok Jo, Xu Zhou, and Honey Jar. Once they get going I’ll hopefully be able to report something good! If I have some scion remaining in May, I’d be happy to pass it on to you.

I got a Li Jujube from a friend. It was ~9 feet high when I got it.

I pruned it to ~ 6 feet high 2 months ago. Now I realized I might have pruned it too short. Will it still be able to grow higher?

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Could anyone point me to the right place to learn how to prune Jujube tree correctly? It seems they are different from those common stone fruit trees.

It will continue to grow. I rarely prune my jujubes but they are in areas that can grow tall. When I did I just shortened the uprights. I don’t know what direction this tree is facing but it needs lots of sunlight. It may grow tall again to reach sunlight and you may need to let it get above some of the shading plants. Looks like it has some good growth.

It is facing east. A lot of sunshine in the morning, but not the afternoon. Will this do?

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It needs a minimum of 6-8 hours a day. If not it won’t fruit. It will grow tall reaching for the sun.

It should get 6 hours, but not 8 hours I guess. I will see how it is doing before relocate it…

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