Liberty apple trees

I planted a liberty and honey crisps apple trees from stark brothers dwarf and semi dwarf will they bloom in the spring

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If they were bare root trees, they are unlikely to bloom next year even on a dwarf or semi dwarf rootstocks ( there are several types. It takes at least 3 years for them to start bearing.

My dwarf honey crisp took at least 3 or 4 years before I saw the first fruits. You have to be patient on this one.

I thought I’d open up this can of worms once again regarding Liberty apple trees. I purchased a Liberty apple tree in spring of 2021 with the intention of adding a Freedom Apple this fall, but I cannot find one anywhere online to purchase. As others have mentioned Orange Pippen calls this a triploid, Raintree calls it a semi-self fertile. If it is triploid, then one apple tree of any other kind will not suffice, from what I’ve read. So now I’m thinking of ripping out my Liberty and planting some combo of Freedom, Enterprise, or Empire. (only space for 2 trees) My criteria is fire blight and apple rust resistant. I’m in Charlotte NC and my Fuji and Pink Lady just get destroyed every year by both diseases. If anyone has successfully paired a Liberty with something else, please enlighten me! TY

Could you graft some other things to liberty? It makes a good disease resistant base. I would recommend Regent as one option as similar disease resistant. Are you planning to spray? Freedom is ok too but a certain percentage will get worms. Not horrible. Enterprise has been more insect resistant for me but I’m a totally different drier climate.

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I can’t speak to the triploid issue but I would suggest grafting a couple/three other varieties to your Liberty. Liberty makes a nice rootstock in FB areas because if any of your varieties does suffer FB the tree at least has a chance of surviving. My Liberty seems compatible with just about everything I’ve grafted to it, except perhaps Macoun.

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I’m pretty much a n00b and have never even thought about grafting. is there a particular youtube video that you prefer over others that can educate me?

Well, there are lots. Several are referred to at different times on this forum, so try a search here. Right now I don’t want to suggest any in particular because I have to leave and I remember names as well as I used to. There are several nice grating tutorials here, and long discussions, full of details and explanations. Other commentors should be able to come up with some they’ve liked.

When I started grafting I was confused by some of the terminology. I tried to use that confusion to put together a little series of comments. They might provide a jumping-off point for you. When I get back I’ll try to cobble together a list of things that might help you, if no one beats me to it.

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Trees of Antiquity offers it. Their trees (and shipping) are pricey, but are worth the premium in my experience.

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Back now. Just for starters let me suggest that you try this thread I started a while back. I’m not saying that my comments are great, but a lot of other, more knowledgeable people got in on it and provide commentary and links.

I’d start with the second one of these I did: Basic Tips For New Grafters #2: Different Grafts (Discussion Needed). It’s not great (in fact, on re-reading it it’s a little funny looking) but it could get you started if you’re interested.

I’m by no means a great grafter or any kind of authority, but I have messed up a lot and I’m willing to share some of the pitfalls and misunderstandings that happened to me in the hopes that others will gain from them.

But be careful about grafting. Once you get one to take you get to feeling like some kind of genius. Why, this is surgery! I shoulda been a doctor!

Have fun. Ask lots of questions.

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I planted Gold rush, Hudson golden gem and Akane… spring 2020.

This spring (year 2) only Gold rush bloomed.

They have all grown nicely with the HGG looking best of all. A very stout healthy looking tree.

Hopefully lots of blooms next spring.

Hehehe. It’s addicting. And awesome. Good luck!