Limbertwig confusion

Red Royal Limbertwig was one of the late Lee Calhoun’s favorite eating apples- Limbertwig or otherwise.


I have Red Royal on my list. Anyone have Little, Summer or White LT???

White is the only one I’ve ever heard of anyone talking about. Might be pretty hard to find those.

I now have Red Royal, Meyers Royal, Old Fashioned, and Black. Sounds like at least 2-3 of those are good fresh eaters.

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IMO White and Smoky Mountain are two of the most underrated limbertwigs. They kinda fly under the radar but are two very good to above average varieties. If they are as good as they are growing in this inhospitable high desert I call home, then I can only imagine when grown in a better climate how they may rank.


Interesting. I was avoiding Smokey Mountain as I did not think it would do well down from the Mountains.

To be honest out of all the Limbertwigs that have fruited for me, and also a friend in Reno it’s been the best. I still have many to go but it, White, and Old Fashioned are the best at handling the constant barrage of triple digits we get all summer. I grow every variety of Limbertwig currently available. 42 total. Hoping to be able to sort out confusion and put some tasting notes and qualities of these apples out there. Information on them has been very difficult to obtain as you probably know.


Do you have the Summer or Little Limbertwig? Curious to know how those handle the heat.

I do yes. Summer is only in its second leaf though. Little has some small apples on it so I may find out this fall. It’s an extremely vigorous Limbertwig variety though, grows very well.

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I was under the impression that Sweet LT is not the same as Victoria LT, but Victoria LT is the same as Victoria Sweet LT. Thoughts?

Dan Busey, apple researcher, lists Sweet LT and Victoria LT as separate varieties. He does not list a Victoria Sweet- I suspect that’s just a nickname that developed from its taste.

UNC-Horne Creek says Sweet and Victoria are identical. I’m assuming they have DNA tested them.

Also the Joyner’s at Horse Creek say Sweet is a synonym of Victoria. They worked with the deceased Mr.Morton extensively. So I’d trust them too.


That certainly settles it- synonyms.

Yeah, if you click on Sweet Limbertwig at Horse Creek; it takes you to Victoria’s listing.

Synonymous apples! It is a madness.

Buckingham is Equinetelee[and a dozen other names)

Gragg is Poorhouse.

Just soòo many.

Summer Champion is Holland, etc.,etc,etc.

Did anyone ever figure out if Slemp Liimbertwig was unique or another synonym? Tim Hensley was working on this when he left us way too soon.

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Slemp is a strain you rarely hear anything on.

I’m trying to figure that out myself. Mine has small fruitlets on it so I may be able to compare it to the others this season. If it works out I’ll let you know.


Has it been DNA tested? It could be as simple as a $50 test from WSU. if anyone’s up for sending in a sample.


Good idea. I no longer have Slemp but I sent cuttings around to various members of this forum, plus the Lost Apple Project, a few years ago.

I have summer as new graft this year

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