Logan or Boysenberry that bears all season?

Anyone know of a Logan or Boysenberry cultivar that bears all season?

I will try and remember to ask this at the Caneberry Field Day in July where the OSU researchers are present.

Are you referring to an “everbearing” property with two peak harvest times or to a literal all-season harvest?

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Thanks Larry, either would be fine. For example my Arapahoe Blackberry has two peak harvests at the beginning and end of summer but also produces a lesser amount throughout. With limited space, what I want to stay away from is a single harvest.

You might consider looking into what John Clark has to say about the primocane fruiting varieties that his group has released. From what I recall, he mentioned that growers in California were getting an early floricane crop and fall primocane crop.

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@Vohd – do you have a link to his post or his site?

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I found this reference:

Here are some relevant parts from one of his talks:
General comment
Prime-Ark varieties
Prime-Ark Freedom

This post and the comments to it may also be of interest.

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Note that I’m looking for a Logan or Boysenberry that bears all season. I’m already growing blackberry. :slight_smile:

Your comment about Arapaho led me to think that wasn’t a strict constraint. If you find something that fits your criteria please let us know!

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Do everbearing blackberries have commercial value ( besides U-pick), or are they mainly for home gardeners?

Does the method of producing the everbearing trait result in an altered fruit quality?

Do all the everbearing blackberries have unique varietal names; that is, no major single-season variety has an everbearing version because the fruit quality was not similar enough to warrant a release.

I’m just taking potshots at why no everbearing Logan or Boysen.

I don’t think the everbearing nature of Arapahoe in warmer climates was intentional.

I happened upon an Ollalie Berry today and decided to give it a try.

I have never come across the fruit myself. The word has regional importance here, being the name of a Cascade Mountain 7,222-foot prominence, Olallie Butte.

Note that placement of the l’s is commonly one and then a double-l, olallie, but many variations are in use.

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