Long term storage apples

Its not here yet but the apple fall harvest season is fast approaching.

My temperature controlled modified chest freezer can maintain the low temperatures needed.

But, my question is, what type of “wash” solution should I use to “sterilize” the apples before closing the lid?

I found that over time the chest of stored apples develops a sourish odor similar to a baby’s vomitus.* The fruit themselves don’t show any obvious physical manifestation.

  • The same odor develops if I leave the apples in a lightly sealed plastic bag in the fridge.

This must be from some bacterial or fungal activity on the surface of the fruit.



Cleaning apples is done with bleach http://michaelweishan.com/gardenblog/?p=3714


I had been using a wash like Fit Organic fruit spray on mine. I do not know exactly how many lbs or bushels of fruit you are talking about or how long you are storing it for.
Also try putting either boxes of baking soda ( the type with the mesh sides) or some of those odor absorbing packages in there as well.
I have been trying to figure out how to store my apples as well when they get bigger. I have checked with some companies about freezers and they get too low to use for storing fruit, unless want to cut and freeze the fruit. I will have too many trees to do that with.


I don’t want something to clear the odor. I want to eliminate what causes it.:grinning:

The odor comes from the microbiology that lives on the apples. I want to clear off the microbials

There is a very easy way to control the temp in a chest freezer to keep it above freezing and at the temo you want.

See the message thread below.

If it does not work search JOHNSON CONTROL right here at Growing Fruit.


Modify Chest Freezer to Hold at 32-34 Degrees F - #17 by MES111

I know that odor, indeed


Yeah… yuk