Looking to order persimmon rootstocks, big? Cheap?

so the last 2 yrs have been rough here, between losing a Coe’s Golden Drop with like 5 gages grafted to it and now seeing most of my persimmons died :frowning:

Back to the start and weighing my options: I can buy a tree or 2 from Cliff or whoever else next spring and try to get bigger trees, or go back to grafting fun next year. If I grafted I would hope to start with big-whopping roots, so any suggestions for where to get relatively large rootstock plants, cheap? Once about 5 yrs ago I got a bunch of 3-4’ seedlings at like $5 a tree, but that guy appears to be long gone :frowning:

I paid $10 plus shipping for my American persimmon seedling from Schlabachs last year. It had nice roots. Small trunk size though. Look up the thread below and you’ll see a picture.

By the way it was my best performer last year. Probably grew about 4-5 ft ( I gave it urea).
I grafted to it this year.