Low maintenance perennial flower garden


I have 5 tree peonies that are ,3 years of age. A few flowers this year. They grew so slow. I am hitting them hard with Urea Nitrogen 46-0-0 this Spring to size them up


I don’t have tree peonies. All mine are herbaceous peonies. All though they don’t need care, herbaceous peonies need sun and don’t like to be coveredwith mulch. Also, in my humid area, by the end of the growingseason, most are covered with unsightly mildew.

Tree peonies prefer some shade, don’t they? Yours are beautiful. I love yellow ones ( both tree and herbaceous forms).


My (herbaceous) peonies have no shade, and in WA wet have never had mildew. I ressurected a thread just now on them but will put a few pix here too.

Also Iris. So many kinds! Great for swampy land.


Immunox is efficacious for reducing mold on peonies


Good to know. I read the label. It does not say for peopnies so I never spray Immunox on them. I did spray my roses for black spots if I have leftover. But I do not spray roses, in general.


I love them but they just come and go so fast. I wish they made one that bloomed all summer. They also are very hard to kill. I have chopped mine down time after time and i looked yesterday and they are full grown forming flower heads.


So true

And invariably, as soon as they open, it rains and the flower heads droop over. Which will certainly be the case this year, as it rains constantly


That’s why I start to love single layered varieties more. They don’t droop or fall over easily since the blooms are not as heavy as the multi layered ones.


Tree peonies are a lot more expensivethan herbaceous ones. When I looked into them, they were over $100 each. They also don’t bloom as profusely as herbaceous kind. They also need some shade. I need all these excuses not to spend money on those trees.

But I love the tree form more than the bush one!!!


I have never paid that much for tree peonies. i haven’t check prices lately. I am a season shopper in the old days, besides an old neighbor i had owns a big nursery and i can get just about anything from him plus he drops thing of at the house ( " old days").
Even if i paid $ 30.00 i got my monies worth of years of enjoyment.


I just thought post a picture of my elderberry bush.


Very nice . Mine are looking great this year too…


Surprised no one has mentioned poppies. Good old red poppies are easy and showy.

I added a perennial I’ve never had before this year. Melittis. Common name Bastard Balm. Flowers were larger than I had expected.



hi Dutch-s, do you make jam or wine out of your elderberries?


Not yet. I made syrup for colds last year and it seems to be effective. Didn’t have a cold all winter. I’ll probably do jam this year. I did jam with beauty berries last year. I didn’t get it set right but the eflavor was awesome. I learned a lot so this year will be betyer


Jelly is wonderful.


We need a thread about best tasting fruit jellies we ever had too.


I agree


Wound up getting a mix of some HARDY PERENNIAL LILIES (80) on sale at Michigan bulb for $3 per package of 8. Will let you know how they turn out.


Regular lilies or day lilies? Both are perennials. Day lilies are a lot tougher and no pest. Regular lilies can be bothered by scarlet lily beetles where I live. Don’t know about Kansas.