Low maintenance perennial flower garden


Yes. I think in one of @clarkinks’ thread about peonies, people discussed the method in detail and there were pics shown.

I have not enough partial shade areas for it so I never try.


This was a test crop of asiatic lillies i planted for my ex. They seem to like it here. Im not much of a flower gardener but i also dont care to mow the area where these are planted. So far these are low maintenance. I planted a small test crop last year during the drought. Used cedar mulch next to them because wood ants and termites are not a joke in this area and they hate cypress and cedar! They seem to be spreading already.


I just made up a batch of mulberry/serviceberry/black raspberry jam. Very seedy, but awesome flavor. And since they were all wild, it cost me nothing for the fruit , but my time to harvest.


When you say Back Eyed Susan are you referring to rudbeckia or something else?


Yup . Rudbeckia “Goldsturm”. It spread everywhere, the diehard of perennials in my yard.


Bought a packet of mixed Rudbeckia seeds about 15 yrs ago. Every year they seed themselves all over the yard in a assortment of color shades, sizes and plant characteristics. Colors range from yellow, yellow/red to rust. There are so many I discard many of them. They even grow in the shade but only have a few smaller flowers.

This is one of the bushier ones that came up. Some are narrow with only a few flowers.

Maybe I should save seeds each year from the better ones.


Goldsturm variety has yellow petals with a black eye in the middle hinted Black- eyed Susan. Yours are much more colorful.

Mine were originally potted plants bought almost 20 years ago. I’ve dug them up and given many clumps away.


Goldstrum may be uniform in size and bloom…but it’s got it’s own problems. Mildew, black leaves…I’ve not bothered identifying the fungus but Daconil seems to help…and seedlings make it so thick it needs thinning in 3 to 4 years.

Those pictured are extra pretty!


I have them popping up all over in my strawberry bed…i just pull them. I also have nicotiana coming up everywhere. Those plants reseed like crazy.


Those look kindalike gaillardia


Test crop is turning out fine. Lillies seem easy to grow and will eliminate my mowing these steap spots around the barn once i get the areas planted next year.


Looks good. I have very few flowers that I’ve planted but from what I have planted the Asiatic Lillies seem to be pretty easy. My wife got ours from Aldi a few years ago and I put it in a pot where it thrives. If it’s able to survive the southern New England winters in a pot like that, I consider it very hardy. Daffodils are another that are pretty easy here.

I was actually thinking about putting flowers around 3 sides of the house next Spring before I saw this topic. Well, flowers and maybe some figs. I’ve never eaten a non-supermarket fig so have no real appreciation for them but, of course, can’t help but think about giving in-ground fig a go next year since they are so popular on this forum. Probably two varieties, Chicago Hardy and one more. Due to the angle my house was built on there are some spots that get pretty much full sun right along the foundation!


First day of blooming this variety in our garden on Summer time. Brodiaea California.


Have not seen Asiatic lily in purple with the flower form. What’s it called?


Brodiaea California .


i did the same Drew. after nearly rolling the rider trying to mow our steep bank near the road, i decided to kill of the grass and plant wildflower mix. last year it look great. this year the grasses are starting to invade again. i spot stayed again leaving the established flowers. i planted about 30 lilly bulbs that were on clearance at a store here. most have stated to grow i also have a lot of fancy lupines spreading in there as well. it shades a lot but they are hanging in there. i plan to keep spraying and adding instill the perennials are thick enough to shade out all weeds.


Another easy and hardy perennial, columbines! This is a slighter flashier one then some of the hardiest I’ve seen, but it’s holding it’s own against weeds and winter salt grunge along the edge of the sidewalk.

We’re also in the second year of an ornamental raspberry planting. So far, they are doing well and have set at least a few flower buds. Hardiness is great and the greenery is quite pretty. While they are ornamental, the fruit is still edible, and from the sample I had, quite tasty.


Kind of an odd ball lily i found that came up with the others i planted last year for the test crop. Anyone know what it is? Guess they got mixed up and through this one in.


I love it!


There were even more today! Must have had several of these bulbs in the mix I planted.