Magness and Warren sibling pears


Potomac will be a shy bearer at first for about 3-5 years then it will fully mature. It takes about 7-10 years for a potomac to fully mature then it gets covered in pears. Warren is similar but has a very different problem. @mamuang flowers look great but less than half will make fruit most likely. My secrret to growing warren is to grow it with Karls favorite. Karls favorite is perfect to pollinate warren. Warren will always produce much less than other pears but the quality makes up for the shy production. Karls favorite is a heavy producer and good quality also. Magness is also a light producer but in addition it gets fireblight. At my property it has never had signifigant fireblight. It all depends how far south you are. This is magness and you can see out of that cluster only one or 2 flowers was pollinated.


Everyone asks about magness, this one is around 20 feet tall. It is just inside the orchard fence.


This year magness and warren are absolutely loaded. These 2 pears are sensitive to age and pollination which seems to be all that keeps them from producing heavy crops every year.