Moving 3 year old peach trees?



Nice job. You retrieved plenty of root


I’ll be moving a few 3 and 4 year old trees this year. After seeing your pics, I’m thinking there will be more roots than I originally imagined. I’m going to try to keep as much dirt as possible and use either a dolly or wheel barrow to move it. If these trees don’t make it, it’s not the end of the world so I’ll go ahead and experiment. I got a nice all steel nursery spade on sale last week for the job. You can’t tell from the link below, but the handle is has a wider oval cross section near the end for more strength. Seems very solid.


Looks like a nice tool. That should do the job for you. Good luck!


Let us know how it goes. I’ve never moved fruit trees in late fall like this (probably never will). Good luck.


That’s a good looking root structure. Is that a tree that has been rubbed by deer? Pictures can be deceiving but it looks like the tree has some scrapes. I’ve lost several peach trees from deer scrapes. Already two this fall.

Here are some pics of deer damage I took a few weeks ago.


Looks pretty bad Mark.


They raked about a dozen trees so far this year. I started spraying some deer repellent on the young trees every couple weeks. That has helped a lot. Since I started spraying the deer repellent, I haven’t noticed a single treated tree they have raked down.

I’ve been working pretty hard trying to get about half the deer fence up. It’s taken me a long time to get corner/gate posts set. I have most of them set. That’s been the hard part.

It looked like Susu had some deer damage. I’m hoping my picture will make her feel a little better. Her picture reminded me of the deer damage pictures I had on my phone.


Yours look bad! Sorry about that. Mine might be deer damage. But I just assumed it’s a groundhog’s doing. One of the branches was hanging by skin. Looked like it snapped off when somebody tried to climb it. I tied it back together. In a couple of weeks I can rule out groundhogs as they retire for the winter. Do you use Bobbex for the deer?


Yes, but I don’t know if it’s any better than other deer repellents. I’ve only tried the Bobbex. At one time I thought it performed better than other deer repellents because there was a study which showed that, but it turned out the study was completely flawed, so it was a useless study.

It has worked well for me though, so I haven’t seen any reason to switch. I buy it in 5 gal buckets, but it’s pretty expensive. I’d gladly switch to something cheaper if it worked well.