Mulberry species identification

by the looks of it, it is defintely not a nigra. Hard to tell though as to what kind of alba or hybrid it is. Probably not a rubra, since the buds are tiny relative to width of stem, but not really sure other than it not being a nigra

its all good Richard, and no, not arguing at all–merely said my part just as you have said yours. and am sure there are other experts out there who have novel/different thoughts about it similar to yours.

Anybody care to offer an opinion on University of Florida “Morus nigra” in their Herbarium Collections?
My money is betting against it being a nigra…I’ve challenged the associative curator. I’m only going by the length of the berry stems, the thin branches, and lack of dark brown or black buds. I’m going down to their garden this morning to meet the plant in person.

A late afternoon shot of some very immature fruits.

I couldn’t find information on how the plant was propagated; i.e., whether it is a seedling or cultivar.


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So late to leaf out? And the tree/leaves look so much more like a fig!

It’s had leaf-out going on for at least a month at both the basal and terminal ends of branches, but it is just now starting inter-stem.

Both Figs and Mulberries are in family Moraceae, albeit different tribes.

Morus nigra “Black Beauty” fruit ripening under branch.


Thanks Richard, since I have one, and I always curious what the fruits look like .

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I just picked up a ‘Persian Black’ (not Black Persian) and I am confused as to whether it is a nigra or not…I had assumed so by the name. The tag says “Long berries” and “Hardy in zones 4-11”…hmmm. It does not say ‘M. nigra.’ I thought the nigras had fuzz on the underside of the leaves…that’s about all I can check on this unit (it doesn’t). Here are two photos. Do I need to wait for some buds to happen or some other clues to find out? It sounds like there are folks posting here that can make a definitive decision with the right evidence. Try as I may, I find very little on the interwebs about this specimen being an M. nigra, pro or con.

Please post a photo of the tag.

the zone 4-11 tag may not be credible, and berries could be top at about~ inch, but the muscular, nody and squat features of the stems seem to indicate a nigra. And thought i saw some velvet fuzz at both sides of some leaves. Would you have pictures of it under daylight(as flash photography sometimes plays tricks on the images) ? Would like to see more of the stems and buds close up, as well as a picture of the entire specimen.

Here’s the full Monty. Thanks for looking into this.

In a 7 gal. pot.

The general structure.

More inside stuff.

Buds, etc.

Tiny bit of fuzz here.


Thanks again for taking the time to assess all this.

Seedy Steve

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Now that I have a sense of what I’m looking for, I see some differences between nigra and others in these areas that you mention, as well as some blackness in the buds.

Thanks for posting the tag. If the photo and description on their website can be trusted, it appears you have an M. nigra cultivar or hybrid. On the label, I consider the zone information an error.

Mulberry, Black “Persian”

That’s the big ‘if.’ I’m beginning to think so, as I compare descriptions and photos from the interwebs compared to mine.

looking at the pics, i guarantee that you got the ‘real deal’.

That seems like a decent nursery with a heart.I haven’t heard of them. Brady

Super kule…thanks!