Mulberry: the king of tree fruits (for pigs)


Willis and TYTY give GA a bad name. Willis used to be in south GA, but I guess they relocated about an hour away from me, but I don’t even think they allow customers onsite, and not that I would want to


Yes, I have had very good experiences with Ison’s Nursery of Georgia, so they’re not all bad.


My morus nigra that I just planted does not have these black buds. The buds are breaking but they are light colored and light green leaves appearing. Not a very good pic…could get a better one


was this from burntridge? it doesnt look like it is a nigra. Could it be the illinois everbearing you bought?


Its labeled as the morus nigra. The IE is about 4 ft tall and not branched. After looking at your photos I remembered what you said about the buds… Sure resembles the white mulberry structure and color.


On the original topic of this post: here is a permaculturist who feeds his pigs mulberry cuttings.


that is so disappointing. I have ordered several morus nigras from burntridge and they’ve always shipped me the right ones. At least three black beauty dwarfs and a standard persian.

sorry about this, but it could have been just a mistake on their part(labels getting shuffled etc.) Please contact them by email and send them a picture, or a link to this thread. Your specimen is not a nigra, which could tell with confidence just by the stems and the way it is leafing out.


I bought one of those Dwarf “Everbearing” Black Mulberry(Morus Nigra) plants a year or two ago.Could have been from Gurneys or someplace similar.The advertisement was about bearing fruit all year,if kept in a warm location.The plant hasn’t fruited yet and bark looks like a White one.
There are a number of places offering something like that.Does a nursery have a very slick salesman and convinced the retailers?
Here is one from Logees.I’m not sure if this one is true. Brady


i bought the same from even though doubtful it was a true nigra. It grew really fast(now >8 feet in just three years), considering that received it not much bigger than a toothpick in length and caliper!

curious thing about is that it does exhibit short internodes and have tiny leaves, much smaller than morus nigra leaves or gerardi’s
our specimen started bearing fruits on its 2nd year–not the best, but better than the average alba.

the picture shown by logees’ website was the same posted at


I ordered one of these recently from Amazon of all places. I was placing an order for some tools and it was one of the suggested items. They called it an Issai mulberry. I read the reviews and searched google and everything seems very positive. It was cheap so I said what the heck. I’m going to grow mine in a pot.

The one I bought from Amazon says the order is fullfilled by Pixie Gardens. Never heard of the place.


MrFrozenJoe is back with another video installment.

This time, he’s eating Illinios Everbearing red/white mulberries in Arizona:


I sent Willis an email and included these pictures…they never even responded.

I can except that I did not receive a Persian Mulberry…What I can not except is that they sent me a male plant!!! Also the “Hood Pear” was definitely not a “Hood”. And the “June Gold Peach” never produced a single fruit, even though the plant reached twelve feet tall before I cut it down (I have gotten buckets of fruit off other peaches with the same chill requirements). The “Florida Prince” (150 chill hours) was given to a friend farther south that gets about 250 chill hours…never a single peach (his lively-hood use to depend on his horticultural abilities). Sorry for the rant…but I think people should know.


Well I certainly will never do business with them. Thanks for posting.


Thank-you for posting your experience. It provides even more evidence that these guys are just no good. As you see above, they’ve continued to claim my black beauty is a black beauty when it clearly is not. I hate to use the bottom of the bucket reference, but these guys are starting to look almost as bad as the infamous Ty Ty. I’ve heard there is some kind of connection between the two- if so, thats all we need to know.

I’m one of these people who will spend $200 worth of time and effort on a $20 rip-off, so I’m going to make them my special project until they resolve this. That may include reports to Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs Division of the State of Georgia, reviews on sites like Dave’s Garden and every other place I can find to review them (including google, where anyone looking them up can see them) and many more. As a bureaucrat myself, I’m pretty good at working my way through the system and bringing pressure on unscrupulous businesses.

Seeing your post really confirms my suspicions that they didn’t make a one-time accident by sending me the wrong tree. I am starting to think they are in the business of selling standard, seedling mulberry trees as grafted Persians and others. There are way, way too many cases of this out there. I can’t just lay down and take it.



While you’re at it:

Never buy anything from the “Tennessee Online Nursery.” Or they will send you dead twigs.

They need to be shut down.


TyTy, what some say is where the owners of Willis learned their craft, was so bad and reviewed so badly on the watch God site that they threatened legal action against GWD to have the reviews removed.

GWD removed the reviews because the cost of fighting was deemed not worthwhile.

Buyer beware indeed


Release the hounds! That male mulberry tree , wow, now that is really bad. What &%$holes!
I have this canal lot on Russell Island, I own it with three lifelong friends. i asked permission to plant on 20 feet of it. All said sure. So I’m going to put some mulberry trees there. maybe two. I need something I can just leave alone. I have not been there this year, going Friday for the first time. I can’t wait! I love that place! I can’t leave MI as I can never leave that island, If I were single I would just live there year round. In the winter I would have to buy my supplies for the whole winter as their is no getting back to the mainland. I could do that no problem.
Yeah my wife is going to my daughters bachelorette party so my best friend and I are going up to turn on the water, which is not easy, no city service. I draw from the river. You bring your own drinking water. Thank goodness no cars there as I will certainly be impaired Friday night! Yes!
Check out the location on our map.


Russell Island sounds like a blast. Have fun!


It’s like gardening, a huge release value You rush to get there, once there you can at last relax. Even if you have a lot of work there, it is the best atmosphere it doesn’t matter, And I do have a lot of work opening the place up.
Anyway I need to look at this thread better see what 2 or 3 mulberries I want to put there. We have some wild trees there like 6 of them. Only one has good fruit, it’s small though.


It’s nice to have that special place where you can escape the rat race and be a person.