Musa "Gros Michael"


slow-growing in cold-climates but definitely disease-free(“resistant”) when imported and tissue cultured, if obtained without diseases/pests, since the hotbeds of diseases evolved with the mother plants in asia.


The diseases in question – whether present on the plant or not – are all easily controlled in our non-tropical environments with the measures most of us use on our pit fruits. To put it in perspective, controls we use on grapes would be overkill.

The “horror stories” that the popular press is fond of repeating have more to do with plantation horticultural practices than the diseases themselves. Further, one of the fungal diseases is local to tropical south america, not Asia.


My plant stayed dormant during the cooler rainy spring we had and is now starting to send out leaves on a regular basis. It looks like it’ll be another year before I see fruit :slight_smile:


Is it me, or did this grow at all?


LOL. Yes, about a half dozen leaves and six inches of height – four of which are buried in the added mulch.


I was expecting the “after” pic to have 6’ of height lol
Still a nice healthy looking plant.

I planted a Gros Michael TC last summer in-ground last summer, and didn’t provide enough shade, and the intense heat fried it completely. Lesson learned. Now I try to buy pups.


About 6pm this evening.


Gros Michael in foreground, Namwa in background.

Gros Michael 2017-11-11


Got my first namwah pup in the ground about a month ago. With any luck I’ll have a bunch in a couple of summers. Also have a gold finger going into year 2.


The Goldfinger is likely Namwa unless you sourced it from TRS Mayaguez. :grin:


Now at 4 ft pseudo-stem height :slightly_smiling_face: