Mushroom growers, question for you!

Got exactly the same mushroom on the edge of the bed. It is Peziza repanda. Nonpoisonous, but inedible. I believe the spawn they sent me was contaminated. I do not have this mushrooms growing anywhere else on the property and the rest of wood chips in the other side of the yard do now produce them as well, only dog’s vomiting mushroom.

What mushroom grows on a juniper stump? I have a fresh juniper stump in the yard. I am wondering if I can use it to grow some edible mushrooms


Juniper wood is very resistant to decay; I doubt that any cultivated mushroom will grow on it.


What about a maple stump? What mushroom can grow there?

I’ve had no personal experience with any mushrooms on maple, but I’ve read that Lion’s Mane prefers maple. Oysters and Shiitake also might work.


Oyster love Maple


and aspen/ poplar.


Growing on maple chips


never grew the yellow ones. how do they compare taste wise to the others? i grew mine on hardwood heating pellets.

I was thinking about starting a bucket for oysters since it gets so hot here- do you just use clean straw/wood, damp in there, and add the spawn? how long do those take to start showing growth?

I put in a winecap bed two months ago but expect to see nothing until the autumn. and am doing the premade shiitake block in the kitchen-

it’s not making a lot of mushrooms, but there’s some. my friend grows mushrooms and keeps sending me plug spawn but I have no fresh logs at all, so I can’t really use them and end up giving them away

you need to sterilize your substrate or your spawn may not take. why i use hardwood pellets. the heat and pressure used to make them kills off alot of other mycelium and bacteria in there. i then i add boiling water to them in a sterile tote. put the lid on and let it hydrate the pellets and cool over night. next morning mix in the spawn with gloves on then pack it in tightly in your pail. put on lid. place pail in a garbage bag. leave end untied. put in a warm dark place for a month or so. take it out and put in a warm area with indirect light. wait.


They like to grow a little warmer. As far as eating I can’t say as these are my first of the golden ones. They are supposedly similar in taste.


Great eating. Had some last night

I saw someone doing a grow with straw in a bucket, they put damp straw chopped in layers with the spawn. none of it looked clean at all and it was outside on their deck. they got mushrooms

with oyster mushrooms that was. I want to try with straw so would, boiling water to get it wet? in a clean bucket with holes. if I used a lot of the spawn would it hold up and produce?

Have not tried straw myself, but from what I’ve seen they just fill a cooler with boiling water and put the straw in it to kill everything. Then wring out the water and use. I saw other people buying bales and just straight up pushing the spawn into it with good results. Wood pellets are another option. I’m using logs now, but I’m thinking about going with buckets later. Just easier to manage.


I’ve got some bales coming- maybe I can try to just pour boiling water into it, then when it cools down, jam the spawn down into it. it’s a free bag of spawn for pink oyster so, it’s worth a try I think. thanks for being so helpful with answers and ideas

Just make sure to use enough water to saturate the entire thing. Will take more than you think.

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I’ll try buckets and buckets. maybe put the bale on a pan to hold some in there

Or just fill the buckets with the straw and fill with boiling water. Then use the lid to help get rid of the water. Take straw back out and layer spawn in your pre drilled buckets.

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Here is a question for the community. How many years production do you get using logs compared to using buckets with straw or pellets?