Music garlic ready?


Some are red, others brown, garlic skins come in many colors.
I usually add some new strains, but only take the biggest so I’m not even sure what they are anymore? I do grow this huge strain of soft neck, Most soft necks come out small here, but a few really make hard neck size bulbs. Here is one I’m saving for seed. I save 7 hard and 7 softneck bulbs for seed. I don’t use them all. I may try other purchased seed(cloves) too.


So only two of 35 Music bulbs had any splitting of the skin. One of those two, it was so minor that I’m almost not even worried about it. Basically a half inch long slit in the skin. The other one has enough of a break to see the top and side of one clove.


So when I harvest and cure onions (and now garlic), the outer skin/wrapper is often dirty and fragmented, with a “clean” layer underneath. Is it ok to remove that, or should I leave it at least until the bulb is pulled out of storage?

Usually with onions, I leave it, then when I pull some out to use, if there is a partial, dirty outer layer, I remove it for “curb appeal” in the kitchen, so it exposes a nice, clean layer.


The “skin” on alliums holds dormancy inducing chemicals. If you want to store onions and garlic, it should always be with the dry skins intact.